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11th CD candidate says Obama’s gun control EO undermined citizen’s right to vote


DARIEN – President Obama's executive action on Tuesday opened up discussion the Constitution and balance of powers among those in Illinois seeking Congressional seats in 2016.

In a three-way race in the 11th CD Republican primary to oust Democrat incumbent Bill Foster, Nick Stella, a cardiologist from Darien, criticized the president's actions Wednesday. Stella said the president circumvented Congress with his executive action to boost gun control, and eliminated the people's elected representation.

"President Obama’s action not only dismissed the elected representatives right to vote but, in essence, went against the very fundamental concerns that the President and his Democratic party often decry," Stella said in a statement. "That would be alleged voting suppression and unity; Congress should have had the opportunity to weigh in on the President’s proposal for any new gun control laws."

Stella said Obama's order would call for an additional 230 FBI investigators to conduct federal background checks that were already mandated by law – all of which would need Congressional approval for the additional funding needed. Stella said he is also concerned that Obama's EO may produce some disturbing trends and possible breaches to federally mandated personal medical privacy rights as described in HIPPA laws. However, Stella says, those in need of mental health assistance should be encouraged to seek help.

"We do need serious, comprehensive mental health assistance and access available for those in need of such services," Stella said.

Most of all, Stella said, the Constitution should be the cornerstone of government activity.

"There is a dire need for a federal government that respects the voices of the American people, who elect representatives that they entrust to enact laws via serious consideration, discussion, as prescribed by the Constitution and any Supreme Court established precedents to arrive at a voted upon consensus," Stella said.

Other Republicans seeking nomination in the 11th CD include Tonia Khouri and Herman White.


  1. Congress didn’t have a chance to weigh in on gun control? They’ve had years of chances to act on gun control and chosen to do nothing or even undo past reasonable regulations. And I agree with Republicans that we need to invest in expanding mental health care. But until I see them putting their money where their mouth is, I’ll assume they are using this as a red herring diversion to distract us from the full array of actions that are needed to slow down the epidemic of shootings.

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