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Illinois church groups rush to help Louisiana flood victims


SPRINGFIELD - Christian groups nationwide are stepping forward to help relieve Louisiana flood victims – including groups based in Illinois. 

An estimated 60 Southern Baptist churches have been destroyed or damaged along with the homes of 20 or more pastors — many without flood insurance.

The IBSA is holding a training session this Saturday for volunteers willing to help in Louisiana.

IBSA is hosting a one-day mini training Saturday, August 27 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Living Faith Baptist Church in Sherman. The training includes Introduction to Disaster Relief (for new volunteers) and Food Prep. They are asking donations of $30 for new volunteers and $10 to renew expired badges.

National faith-based groups, including Catholic Charities, Samaritan’s Purse, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief and Operation Blessing, are deploying equipment and resources, as well as assembling teams of volunteers from across the country, Religion News Service reports.

The outpouring of help is an encouragement to many local residents who feel their plight has been given short shrift in national media coverage.

Carol Parker, finance secretary at Star Hill Church in Baton Rouge, said her congregation is persevering despite the hardships.

Parker’s home of 30 years was flooded by waist-deep water. She is waiting for assessments from her insurance company and FEMA about the extent of the damage and how much help she may receive.

She told PBS while her material possessions may be gone, her faith survived. “Just like my pastor said … we didn’t lose everything,” she said. “We’ve got family and we’ve got God, so do not say we lost everything.”

More volunteer information available at http://www.ibsa.org/dr or contact Ministry Assistant AlexisDumire@IBSA.org / or (217) 391-3142.


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