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Monthly Archives: April, 2019


Di Leo: Frederick Muhlenberg and A Religious Nation

By John F. Di Leo -  On April 1, 1789, the newly elected members of the United States House of Representatives finally had a...

Thorner: Fox News’ sharp turn to the Left

By Nancy Thorner - Has Fox News, looked to for "fair and balanced" reporting, taken a sharp turn to the Left?  No longer run...

Rossi: You’ve Been Hoodwinked America and It’s Time to Be Angry!

By Randy Rossi -  I am pretty sure that the majority of Illinois Review readers do not rely on the biased “fake news” to...

Traditional marriage views could become ‘hate crime’

The Roman Catholic Church in Scotland has expressed concern that its views on marriage could soon be treated as a hate crime. Leaders are...

How State and Federal Lawmakers Can Promote Ethical Options for the Terminally Ill

How to help the terminally ill without compromising medical ethics.Robert Moffit and Abigail Slagle write: By legalizing physician-assisted suicide, state lawmakers repudiate traditional medical...

Pennsylvania GOP legislator prays to Jesus for forgiveness

State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz was on the ninth "Jesus" of her opening prayer in the Pennsylvania statehouse when other lawmakers started to look...

The Politics and Policy of Trump’s Campus Free-Speech Order

Now there are consequences for violating free speech. President Trump’s executive order on campus free speech—which threatens a loss of federal research funding for...


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