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Monthly Archives: February, 2020


Thousands of Illinois parents file witness slips opposing HPV vaccine mandate

SPRINGFIELD - Next Wednesday, the Illinois House Elementary & Secondary Education School Curriculum & Policies Committee will consider State Rep. Robyn Gabel's effort to...

Seattle’s Liberal Reckoning. Chicago’s Future.

The behavior of the Chinese government is deeply Orwellian. Victor Davis Hanson writes: China seems confident that it will soon rule the world, given...

Pro-Life Is ‘Today’s Civil Rights Issue,’ Black Activists Say

African American pro-life leaders decry what they call the eugenics mentality of abortion providers perpetuating the high abortion rate among black women and urge promoting crisis...

Liberals Oppose Equal Status for Faith-Based Organizations

Sens. Patty Murray, D-Wash., and Ron Wyden, D-Ore., must really miss the days of Barack Obama, when faith-based groups were treated like second-class citizens...

Transgenderism Grows by 1500% Among Swedish Children

The brainwashing and Swedish government peddling of gender confusion starting even before Kindergarten is obviously working — extremely well, in fact. According to the...

British doctors can deny treatment if patients have ‘wrong’ political opinions

British doctors have been told by those who regulate their profession that they can deny treatment to patients who have the wrong opinion. About just...

Dem U.S. Senate candidate unveils campaign logo: The guillotine

The donkey has long been the symbol of the Democratic Party since President Andrew Jackson embraced his detractors labeling him "a jackass" in 1828,...


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