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Monthly Archives: August, 2021


Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver answers questions on Illinois’ COVID injection mandate

Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel chairman CHICAGO - Since Governor Pritzker set into motion a COVID-19 mandate for public school employees and medical personnel last week,...

Heart disease and cancer led Illinois’ death numbers in 2020

SPRINGFIELD - The leading cause of death in Illinois in 2020 was heart disease, followed by cancer and then by COVID-19, the Illinois Department...

Thorner: HR 4, a Leftist Scheme to Prevent Election Integrity Laws

By Nancy Thorner -  The following is part of a directive recently sent out by Eli Huber, Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator for Heritage Action...

Teachers Union pushes members to get COVID

SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Education Association announced over the weekend that  The opening passage of Illinois Health Care Conscience Act states:  The General Assembly finds and...

Di Leo: Biden vacationed as Kabul fell; At least burning Rome’s Nero practiced his lyre

By John F Di Leo - Reflections on the Biden/Harris team's vacations as Kabul burned... In the weeks and years to come, books will be written...

Amendment to Illinois Constitution is much more than right-to-work ban

The proposed constitutional amendment placed on the 2022 ballot by the Illinois General Assembly would put every provision in union contracts beyond the reach...

Over 22,000 Illinois school employees stop handing their pay to a union

Since being given a choice by the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Janus v. AFSCME, over 22,000 teachers and other public education workers...


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