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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Irene F. Starkehaus

Zika: Epidemic Memes, Cause and Effect and the Circle of Life

By Irene F. Starkehaus -  About 50 million people have died because of malaria-related diseases since the ban on DDT took place with Rachel...

Starkehaus: Trump and Palin – The Tea Party’s Johnny Fever Moment

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin - Politico image By Irene F. Starkehaus -  Every now and again, I imagine seeing modern America through the eyes...

Starkehaus: The State of the Union, such as it is

By Irene F. Starkehaus -  The State of the Union speech was precisely what we all thought it would be, down to the last...

Starkehaus: Where exactly are checks and balances on executive orders?

By Irene F. Starkehaus -  "Every time I think about those kids, it gets me mad," President Barack Obama cried out to his obedient...

Starkehaus: The reason for the season…Merry Christmas

By Irene F. Starkehaus -  Jonah Goldberg has written an article posted on NRO entitled, "But there's more than one front in the 'war...

Starkehaus: Knowing the limits of the First Amendment in an anti-Christian America

By Irene F. Starkehaus -  The Leadership Institute under the banner of Campus Reform has a rather festive video that entertains what they describe...

Starkehaus: Advice from the Left – Abandon your guns and your God. Let them take care of you.

By Irene F. Starkehaus -  Another mass shooting, another call for increased gun control, another proclamation from the podium that you – yes, you...


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