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Masters in Manufacturing: Doug Sosnowski of Rockford’s Spare Part Solutions

ROCKFORD – Doug Sosnowski started Spare Part Solutions twelve years ago, and today his Rockford-based business has 22 team members. Among other machinery needs,...

Starkehaus: Trump and Palin – The Tea Party’s Johnny Fever Moment

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin - Politico image By Irene F. Starkehaus -  Every now and again, I imagine seeing modern America through the eyes...

Di Leo: The Modern Left and the Crippling of Markets

By John F. Di Leo -   Reflections on the last State of the Union Address from Barack Hussein Obama… The modern Democratic Party has made...

Di Leo: Climate Change and the Lessons of a Winter Storm

By John F. Di Leo - On Monday, December 28, 2015, Chicagoland was hit by a particularly unpleasant ice storm. No, not a blizzard – we...

Di Leo: Christmas Shopping in Chicago – In Line or Online, How Times Have Changed

By John F. Di Leo -  If you regularly drive north from Chicago to Milwaukee on I-94, as I do, you have watched Amazon’s Kenosha...

Di Leo: Hillary Clinton and her Dangerous Deeds

By John F. Di Leo -  Hillary Clinton, along with her allies in the mainstream media, have taken great delight in attacking Republicans lately, on...

Starkehaus: Advice from the Left – Abandon your guns and your God. Let them take care of you.

By Irene F. Starkehaus -  Another mass shooting, another call for increased gun control, another proclamation from the podium that you – yes, you...


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