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Di Leo: Immigration, Past and Present, One by One and Into the Millions

By John F. Di Leo -  Reflections on Immigration at a time of Thanksgiving Immigration looms large on the public consciousness these days, with daily...

Di Leo: Criminal Justice Reform and Confronting Reality

By John F. Di Leo -  For the past few cycles, the Democratic Party has added what they call “criminal justice reform” to their...

Di Leo: A Seat at the Table, and CNN’s Embarrassing Presumption

By John F. Di Leo -  As tempers flare in Washington this November, with the dust settling on late-night midterm results and vote fraud occurs...

Di Leo: Loch Ness and the Quest for Collusion

  By John F. Di Leo -   I believe in the Loch Ness Monster. Now, that's not to say that I think I know what it is....

Di Leo: Allocating Blame after Tree of Life Horror

By John F. Di Leo -  Who’s to blame? Every time there is a shooting, a bombing, any kind of mass killing, a heartbroken nation asks...

Di Leo: Global Trade and the Challenges of Intellectual Property

By John F. Di Leo -  As the Trump administration has focused heavily on trade this year, it has been instructive to note the weight...

Di Leo: Taylor Swift and the Politics of Groupthink

By John F. Di Leo - Last weekend, pop (formerly country) superstar Taylor Swift – after years of carefully avoiding politics – took to Instagram...


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