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January 16, 2007


Joshua Collins

I am a Christian and believe in the teachings of Jesus and who Jesus is.

I know enough about the quran that a muslim is aloud to lie to get the power that he needs. Also another fact is they are taught to hate and kill in the quran.

Is Obama a muslim? I know that different types of muslims exist. But is this the belief system he is operating on?

Christians have demonized this man and accused him out loud of being the anti-christ. But that seems very judgmental and the bible is clear on judging. It is for those who are christians. we are aloud to judge each other. you cant judge another from the bibles standards if they don't believe in the bible. you probably know this but i just needed to say it. I am not fond of this man because of how he feels about issues.

But i send out a warning for judging those who are not in christ. I would love to speak to Obama but during the election he would probably tell me what i want to hear.

I know how politics work... well my question is if Obama is a muslim?

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