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February 19, 2007



The old immoral Roman Empire fell because of:

1) The undermining of the dignity and sanctity of the home and family.
2) Higher taxes, lies, etc.
3) Craze for sin, false gods, and decay of obedience to God and faith in Him.
4) Craze for pleasure and sporting events.
5) Building big armaments when the real decay is inside the government and country.
6) A sinful and unlawful “government\corporation” will always be temporary in nature.
7) A sinful and unlawful “government\corporation” will continue to exist until people discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.
8) The majority of the nation will vote (follow\believe in) for the candidate who promises most benefits from the public treasury.
9) A sinful and unlawful “government\corporation” will finally collapse due to loose fiscal and moral responsibility - which is always followed by a dictatorship.

The new unlawful and immoral Lucis Trust\Hegelian dialectic\Illuminati\Freemason\Vatican\Roman Empire’s ‘local leader’ is Obama.
Obama's recent shocking declaration in his self-glorifying, self-flattering and immoral world view:
"The Justice Department administration counts all military-age males in a strike zone (anywhere on the planet) as combatants.”
(He has declared a war on the world without any lawful reason or right – his ‘new world order’ ‘handlers’ told him to.)
This means that without restraint not a single shred of actual evidence or lawful jurisprudence is needed not just to prosecute someone, including a U.S. citizen, but to outright execute them - via drones or whatever - even if someone is a child or friend of someone they target they are considered enemies that require execution, and if the people near the target get killed, too bad, they were in the way - and they don't have to have an actual war declared to do this.
According to the Justice Department white paper, those killings are all now perfectly legal because the law “does not require the United States (a fictional limited liability private company) to have clear evidence” in order to kill anyone, much less posthumously identify them as a threat, and that includes "strikes against people whose identities are unknown."
This makes Obama (the president of the fictional private company for profit, piracy and genocide, including false flag operations, etc.) a first-grade and completely unlawful self-imposed and self-declared false-god, dictator, tyrant, autocrat, terrorist and treasonous criminal (read: ‘puppet’) himself who can kill anyone he wants to at will without lawful evidence or lawful prosecution, and he can assassinate people globally. He believes no checks, oversights or transparency are necessary, even as he wields the most extremist powers: executing people, bombing multiple countries, imprisoning people with no charges, mass monitoring and surveilling of entire communities.
Today he is the greatest threat to freedom and the natural rights of all people of the world including his own neighbours
The blind people of the fictional corporation called the “U.S.\Homeland Security” (and unlawful statutory\Cannon\false god Ba’al… codes, monetized curses, conversions, laws, barratry, tribunals...) have abandoned their own natural rational faculties and swallowed the lies that because of the "natural core goodness" of the party corporate leaders that they do not need to be questioned or held responsible or have to provide empirical evidence to establish their rights or authority. People continue to blindly assume that unproven (corporate) government accusations of "Terrorist" are tantamount to proof of those accusations. Embracing this type of faith-based trust that lies at the core is only a terrible religious allegiance and faith in a false god, and it is not decent and rational responsibility.
Obama is acting as an extremist all-powerful, all-knowing false god (a corporate puppet taking on the acting role) with others behind him to create, guide, promote, support and protect him, and for others to do his bidding (well, at least the bidding of Obama's 'handlers').
CANADA, Inc., is a foreign corporation of the U.S. (listed with the S.E.C.) - that means they come under, are with-in his\their jurisdiction too.
This is what happens when people forget their God-honoring duties and their lawful natural rights and freedoms. The world is being prepared for the second coming of Jesus Christ, and then the short term total control by satan’s antichrist and the Beast during the Great Tribulation Period and the death of billions and of creation and then the final Judgment Day by God as prophesied in scripture.
Some of the coming lies and deceptions will include the evil world leaders making people believe there is no saviour and God Jesus Christ and that when the Christians go to heaven with Christ it will have been the work of aliens (or some other false ‘enemy’) and that the world will need a one world dictator and protector... who is really satan's antichrist and the Beast to rule over everyone with total power and will demand everyone worships him alone (and takes the "Mark of the Beast) or they will die. Those who do not take the Mark (examples today of the "Mark" are SSN’s and SIN's, birth certificates, credit cards, ID, etc.) will not be able to buy or sell, or to eat or live. The new world order controlled media, educational, government and religious… world have been created and used to brainwash the people into swallowing all the lies so people will gladly be the lazy and greedy sheeple and cannon-fodder for the devil and his agenda to destroy the creation, power, authority and glory of God.
God is not mocked, for what people sow, they reap.

Look up:
‘strawman birth certificate bond’ and ‘HJR 192’ online.

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