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February 16, 2008


the voice of reason

Could be something to it. Bush and his family definitely had Bin Laden family connections. And Cheaney had Haliburton connections and several other controversial ties with other controversial groups.
Of course that didn't mean anything because they're Republicans.

voice of reality

Wow .. the BDS runs strong with that one.

Here's a little fact: Bush isn't running.

Where you gon' put all that anger come the end of January, '09?

Or, you just gon' up your dosage?

The voice of reason

My comment was meant to be sarcastic. I know Bush isn't running. It just seems very little or not enough concern was given about these accusations or connections while with Obama it's just the opposite. Of course I'll admit, my view is biased.Lots of candidates,past and present, have "connections" that are suspicious or controversial. Dig deep enough, and you could probably come up with evidence that Clinton started the Revolutionary War. I'm not saying that these matters shouldn't be looked into, there may be something to them, but usually all it does is confuse, not help. ESPECIALLY when it comes to politics. You gotta wade through the BS to find the truth, and if the BS is really deep, and you get tired of wading then most grab at the first thing that agrees with them. And as far as anything the MEDIA says, unfortunatley for us all,it's bound to be distorted and biased, one way or the other. The TRUTH can be hard, to impossible to find sometimes. It really sucks.


Jason Fullam
US Law Enforcement Park Ranger
Dept. Of The Interior
National Park Service
posted these comments about President Obama in the website under the profile name of ranger719.

“I dont think it should come as any surprise to anyone that the POTUS will turn his back on Israel. Remember ALL muslims must answer the Jihad.
Just saying……..”

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