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February 11, 2008



Captain Jeff Lewis, Baxter County Sheriff's Office, Chief Deputy, in Mountain Home, Arkansas calls President Obama a "spineless wonder" in social website.

Captain Lewis posted these disrespectful comments on the social network about President Barak Obama....

"Send Obama to the front line and let him personally lead the unarmed officers. It would only take about 2 seconds for that spineless wonder to make a bee line back to the rose garden."

This is his profile page on


Thats pennies compared to all the dirty drug money that George Soros funneled into Obama's Campaign. Obama is an agent of the international financial empire which is currently bankrupt and making the once sovereign nations of the world pay up. We MUST stop making concessions for Obama, no waiting for elections, no whimpering and whining; demand impeachment or the prompt use of the 25th Amendment article 4.. Obama is a Chronic Narcissist and is making the situation in America absolutely unlivable. Remove Obama and restore Glass-Steagall (HR 1489) and America will have a chance to make it out of this, if not we will sink into an unprecedented Dark Age like humanity has never seen before!

Heed the words of American Statesman and Economist Lyndon LaRouche, He's been right for many decades and his plan seems to be the only one that will work.

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