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January 03, 2007



WA, are you kidding me? If anoyne's qualified to write a piece that does justice to Sam's sister, Jacquie, you are. It's almost like I don't believe you're asking the question. Your writing is always powerful and wonderfully constructed. I think we've all been touched by the tributes you've written for the 2,996.I think you're probably the very person to write something to give Sam's sister a life.I hope you do write something I'd love to see what you come up with. BTW, I had a go myself and Sam should be putting it up on his blog soon. Out of respect for him, I won't post it here until it's been on his blog for a day, but then I'll put it up here with links back to his blog.


班上有个小男孩几乎天天要大便,我得天天给他擦屁股。第N次擦的时候,小男孩不好意思了,想了好半天,抬起头认真地说: 老师,你现在给我擦屁股,等我长大了我给你擦! 额,这咋好意思呢




15、世界上幸福的事就是抓到一只羊,更幸福的事就是抓到两只羊 16、啊!老婆,你这么说人家会很害羞的。17、老婆,可不可以不请我吃锅贴了? 18、什么有姜爱姜的?(红太狼:you jump,I jump,灰太狼听不懂 )19、我讨厌卖平底锅的! 20、老婆,你听我解释 21、就差一点点了,都怪喜羊羊。 (回到家时对老婆抱怨,结果得到一个平底锅) 22、我不想解释什么,只希望你再给我一次机会。23、老婆,你冷静一下嘛!听说 24、成功的男人是最帅的!25、或许大家觉得我被老婆打、老婆骂很可怜吧。可是我觉得,她是个世界上最好的老婆。 26、老婆,人家已经很努力了!27、老婆,在不清楚状况之前请不要叫我笨蛋。 28、老婆,为了给你捉羊,我一定会坚持到底的。

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