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Trump endorsement creates division among Eagle Forum family


ST. LOUIS – Presidential endorsements have created a messy division within the ranks of conservative national group Eagle Forum, founded by longtime conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly.

Schlafly, who lives in the St. Louis area, endorsed businessman Donald Trump for the GOP nomination on March 11th, saying he promised he would back the current Republican National Party platform and that he would nominate Scalia-like Supreme Court candidates.

Not everyone in her organization – or her family – agreed with Schlafly's decision. 

Thursday, news of a growing organizational fissure was made public.

One of Schlafly's six children – Anne Cori – was ousted from the Missouri Eagle Forum Board Thursday morning for "disloyalty" to her mother.

"Today, the Missouri Eagle Forum Board met and voted to replace Anne Cori as member of that board.  This was the final step in the process because of Ann's disloyalty to our founder of Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly," an update sent out by the group's national director Ed Martin said Thursday.

A few months ago, the statement said, "Anne refused a request by Phyllis to step aside as President of Missouri Eagle Forum."

Mrs. Cori chose instead to endorse U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

In addition, Cathie Adams, who has travelled worldwide over the years representing Eagle Forum at United Nations meetings, was also publicly reprimanded by Schlafly. Adams is in the midst of a statewide campaign to leadership in Texas' GOP.

"Phyllis has rescinded her personal endorsement of Cathie Adams in her race for Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Texas," the statement said.  "Cathie has been disloyal and just this week has refused to return Phyllis' phone call."

Adams also endorsed Cruz for president.



  1. How many pieces of Donald Trump “New York Values” silver was the price for Phyllis Schlafly’s morally bad judgment in this outlandish and disastrous endorsement?!?
    Evidently, Ms. Schlafly’s decision to endorse Trump was rooted in clouded emotions for the sake of lime light and selfish promotion, not based upon facts and thorough vetting of a candidate.
    The irony of Donald Trump supporters who cheaply, crassly “proselytize” the false pro Life credentials of their candidate is that they are illegitimate voices who in reality do not speak for the GENUINE pro Life community that has been in the trenches advocating for the innocent lives of the unborn children.
    Donald Trump will continue to exploit these useful idiots who refuse to exercise critical thinking.
    Donald Trump is damaging the pro Life movement with his asinine remarks.

  2. All of you are so wrong. I was down in St. Louis when Cruz spoke in front of Eagle Forum. Even at that time he was pushy and almost demanded that attendees sign pledges that we would vote for and support him. Cruz’s strangeness, his inflated ego, and his Pentecostal background, where he feels anointed by God, has always turned me off.
    Then too Cruz is really establishment although he pretends not to be. He worked in the G.W. Bush administration as one who promoted the policies of Bush. His wife certainly was and represents establishment big time. Cruz planned carefully after working in the Bush administration. He went back to Texas and worked to become a senator pretending he was this squeaky clean conservative, which he isn’t. The Madam truth will come out in time. Also, Cruz is not a natural born citizen. This too will come out in due time.
    Elected to the Senate, Cruz played his part as being an anti-establishment Republican, and then threw his hat into the presidential race. But lo and behold, he didn’t anticipate that Trump would block his way.
    Cruz is sly, deceptive, does lie a lot, and could not win the nomination honestly.
    Read Phyllis Schlafly’s “A Choice Not An Echo”, and you will understand why Phyllis went for Donald Trump.

  3. Nancy –
    Let’s go through your criticisms of Cruz:
    1. His “strangeness” – Hmm. And Donald Trump is not strange? Someone that flip=flops every other day on crucial issues facing America? Who has been married 3 times and has been in adulterous affairs untold times?
    2. Cruz’s “inflated ego”? Are you kidding me? Trump’s ego is a normal size??
    3. His Pentecostal background – WOW! He’s too religious? He’s too aware of God’s direction? That’s bad? You’d rather commit the country into the small hands of Trump, who has never asked for forgiveness and has no awareness of the Ten Commandments or fear of God?
    4. Cruz turns you off? Maybe you should ask why Trump turns you on! He’s only attracted to women that are super model status, and his own words with Howard STern are absolutely disgusting. That turns you on?
    5. Your condemnation of Cruz is irrational and you’re embarrassing yourself and women with your ridiculous accusations. Why does a supposed “Madam” with Cruz not bother you as much as Trump’s well-known immoral escapades? You’re kidding, right?
    We now understand the rationale of Trump supporters. We’ve reached the pinnacle of ridiculousness.

  4. It’s useless to argue with people who believe Cruz is something other than who he is claiming to be, just as you are never going to change why I feel Trump is the only one who could save this nation.
    And Trump is pro-life and he would appoint judges as strong as Scalia, but it’s not what you want to hear so you deny statements Trump has made time and again.
    Finally, I’m far from being a moron. Further more, common sense is in short demand these days.

  5. The point is, Ms. Thorner, is that you and the other Trump worshippers have forgotten that it will take wooing people like me to the polls to vote for Trump in November. You’ve shut down any process like that, berating me for not worshipping Trump like you do and forgetting that he has yet to win 50% of any primary or caucus – and that’s among fellow Republicans. How will you get me to the polls in November?
    Oh, and I was just wondering – what are your thoughts about Focus on the Family’s Jim Dobson? Did you know he also endorsed Ted Cruz?

  6. Are you the pot or the kettle, Nancy? I voted for Cruz by default. Not believing a word from the hole in the face of the carnival owner/barker has nothing to do with Cruz.
    You, like most candidate sycophants, cling to what the candidate has said when he has said what you want to hear while pretending the rest of his words and his life did not happen.
    I believe in a comment to a prior post, you compared your own marriage to an older man to Trump’s marriage. That comparison is not a good one unless you were a young whore who was fornicating with a married man before he left his second old wife for the next younger one.

  7. This election was suppose to be a slam dunk for Republicans. The Democrats have two of the most flawed candidates ever and we began with a slate of 17 amazingly qualified candidates and now must choose between the three left standing.
    Unfortunately, Republicans have engaged in a terribly contentious primary, possibly due to their justified concern that the next president must be of Reagan’s quality to reverse the damage done by the present exceedingly liberal president and administration.
    Our in-fighting over Trump and Cruz is a gift to Democrats. It really must cease because we need EVERY Republican vote possible to win this election, especially knowing our opponents have the advantage of Unions who tell their members who and how to vote, minorities and welfare recipients who are convinced Democrats are their best hope, millennials who have endured the excessive liberal brainwashing by professors at our colleges, and a liberal media that remains biased beyond anything our forefathers would have thought possible.
    Therefore, if we don’t want another 4 or 8 years of Obama type of governing, we Republicans must understand ANYONE would be better than an admitted, proud socialist or a proven liar who also made huge mistakes while Sec. of State.
    Therefore, I urge everyone to understand we have differences in opinions as to which is the best GOP candidate, but anyone who refuses to vote for a GOP candidate and/or maligns a GOP candidate is helping Hillary or Bernie.
    My Republican friends, let’s understand our fight is not with one another. We have far more in common than we have differences. Support whoever you think is the best choice between Trump and Cruz, but do so in a positive way by highlighting your candidate’s strengths, because bashing the other just helps our opponents.
    The primary is where we decide who will be OUR candidate, and I urge everyone to
    support whichever Republican candidate emerges as the winner. Not voting because your guy didn’t win is actually giving your vote to a liberal.. Whatever satisfaction you might glean from not voting is short lived if either Hillary or Bernie ends up in the Oval Office. PLEASE VOTE FOR WHOEVER IS OUR GOP CANDIDATE . The alternative is just too horrendous to consider.

  8. I think it’s very disturbing that Cruz’father recently explained that he began to tell his son that he was “anointed” from a very young toddler age. Weirdness aside, Cruz is not eligible to run. He was not a citizen when he ran and served in the U.S. Senate! He is not natural born. THAT is deceitful and that fact will cause us to be in a brokered convention situation where the kingmakers will get to choose our candidate. And this guy is revered as a constitutional scholar?! No thanks.

  9. I think it’s very disturbing that you won’t grasp the reality that a baby born to an American citizen anywhere in this world is an American citizen. Ted Cruz has never had to go through a naturalization process – he is an American citizen and he has been from the day he was born.
    What’s most concerning is that Donald Trump has probably never read through the Constitution and thinks that bullying and whining are what works to get these done. What a pathetic excuse for a presidential candidate!
    You folks that adore him are embarrassing the rest of the educated population. Please acknowledge that you know little about picking candidates and what attracted you to Donald Trump was hearing him say “You’re Fired!” for several episodes on The Apprentice. You are infatuated with a tv celebrity – who has no business running for political office.

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