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Monthly Archives: September, 2017


ACLU dances on the grave of Henry Hyde – thanks to Republican Gov. Rauner

CHICAGO - Despite his campaign rhetoric, Bruce Rauner may go down in history as one of Illinois' most socially and culturally transformative governors. He'll...

After saying the US flag is toilet paper to her, U-46 Board member doubles down

ELGIN - Earlier this week, U-46 School Board member Traci O'Neal Ellis opined about the National Football League controversy on her personal Facebook page,...

In Henry Hyde’s Own Words [video]

Congressman Henry Hyde on the topic of protecting human life.

Rhoads: The Sad Fall From Grace of Tom Price

By Mark Rhoads -  Dr. Tom Price was one of the leading experts on health care policy when he served in Congress and that...

Illinois’s Governor Rauner shows his true colors

By Matt C. Abbott -  Illinois governor Bruce Rauner, a "moderate" (read: liberal) Republican who's virtually indistinguishable from a liberal Democrat, has broken a...

Rauner no longer to attend Southwest Cook County GOP picnic

PALOS - Despite being featured as a main attraction for weeks, Governor Rauner won't be attending Saturday's Southwest Suburban Republican  Picnic after all, says...


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