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Dan Crane Rest In Peace

By Mark Rhoads -  I regret to report that former Illinois conservative Republican Congressman Dan Crane died early Tuesday morning, May 28 at the...

Rhoads: The Electoral College Should Stay

By Mark Rhoads- Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to abolish the Electoral College. This is a thoughtless idea for many reasons that would not even achieve...

Rhoads: State Sen. Lottie O’Neill’s astute 1962 prophecy

The lady at left in the picture below is the late State Sen. Lottie Holman O'Neill (R-Downers Grove) (1878-1967) Lottie was a friend of...

Rhoads: When Hollywood was Funny and Clean

By Mark Rhoads- As a lifelong Laurel and Hardy fan, I looked forward to seeing the new biopic movie Stan & Ollie starring perfectly...

Rhoads: Scam, Spam, Robo War on Your Phone

By Mark Rhoads - In 2017, the U.S. Health Department reported that more than half of all phones in the U.S. had switched from landlines...

Rhoads: English Alone Is Not Enough

By Mark Rhoads- Maybe you have tried hard to understand the English accent of a person from India or the Middle East and still...

McCarthy and Common Sense

By Mark Rhoads Former Chicago Police Chief and candidate for Mayor of Chicago Garry McCarthy makes a lot of common sense. Here is a video...


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