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Rhoads: Scam, Spam, Robo War on Your Phone



By Mark Rhoads –Cellphone

In 2017, the U.S. Health Department reported that more than half of all phones in the U.S. had switched from landlines to cell phones for their primary phone service. There is no good news here because the remaining landlines are overwhelmed by robocalls and other estimates are that more than half of all cell phone calls in 2019 will be spam or scam calls.

Because there is a limit to the numbers that carriers can block if they offer that service, your landline or cell phone is under constant attack and your internet service and social media is also under constant attack from malware schemes.

 The Commerce Dept. Do Not Call registry is almost worthless. Do carriers or government agencies have any coherent plan to protect consumers from the attack on our communications systems? Apparently none that works. Many conservatives observe that government often fails when it ventures beyond its core competence regardless of good intentions. Private carriers and neither party in Congress seems to have a plan to wage war on spammers, scammers, robos, or malware criminals.   


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  1. That is because they choose not to enforce the existing laws and to carve out great gaps for politicians and charities.
    It is similar to the issue with illegal aliens, no one cares to actually enforce the existing laws.