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Rhoads: The Electoral College Should Stay



By Mark Rhoads-Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to abolish the Electoral College. This is a thoughtless idea for many reasons that would not even achieve what she hopes it would.  Democrats love to say that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 national popular vote over Donald Trump by 2.9 million votes and that is true if you count only those two candidates.

Their fantasy is that west-coast voters were disenfranchised by heavy Electoral vote states in the East. But if you combine the Trump votes with those of Libertarian Gary Johnson and conservative Evan McMullin and compare them to the left-leaning voters who backed Clinton and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, the anti-Left popular vote led by a margin of 1.26 million votes more than the pro-Left national vote.

Suppose there had been no Electoral College for the 2000 election when the decision hung on the Electoral votes of Florida and a thin margin between George W. Bush and Al Gore in that state. Instead of legal challenges in the counties of just one state, there could have been hundreds of challenges in counties all over the country and the raw head count might never have finished.

Under our system, Presidential nominees share the state and county ballots with other candidates including governor and other statewide officials, U.S. Senator, members of Congress, state legislators, and county and city officials that also need finality in their counts.  Until some system can guarantee an absolutely perfect national count of more than 140 million voters, getting rid of the Electoral College is a terrible idea. 


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  1. How the proposed national popular vote would work. Under the National Popular Vote bill being pushed, all of the state’s electoral votes would be awarded to the presidential candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The NPV strips states rights and state equality.
    In other words, if the popular vote in Virginia is for Donald Trump(R), but the total national popular vote favors Adolf Hitler(D), then all of Virginia’s 13 Electoral Votes are given to Adolf Hitler.
    The winner of the national popular vote will receive all the electoral votes for every State. The top 9 or 10 most populous states will always choose the president. And remember the most heavily populated states also have the most heavily populated big cities. How do the cities of LA, NYC, Chicago, Philly, Phoenix, etc…. vote each election. Yep, always democrat. The Nation Popular Vote is a sucker play

  2. The new Democratic Party mantra is to do everything to rewrite the election laws to guarantee their candidates win. The Electoral College serves its purpose. Otherwise, crooked states like New York and California would choose all of our presidents.

  3. If it suits your needs your for it. when it works against you your against it.
    situational morality…. how convenient.
    I know one thing for sure. If evangelical MEN got pregnant there would be no anti-abortion movement (aka control the woman like we did in biblical backwards uncivilized times cause woman are CATTLE… moooooooo.. all in the name of my fake Jesus who hates everybody but me )