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Thursday, February 2, 2023

James P. Economos, DDS

Economos: Why Electric Vehicles Are a Danger on the Road and Unaffordable to the Average American

By James P. Economos DDS, DDSGiven the recent amount of misinformation given to us by the federal government, this author is very concerned with...

Economos: Democrats Want to Ban Gas Stoves, Would Get an “F” in Chemistry

By James P. Economos, DDS, Opinion Contributor Years ago, when the "green movement" was in its infancy, natural gas was considered clean and safe....

Economos: Louisiana Elects a Republican Mayor for First Time in 30-Years, Will Restore Law and Order

By James P. Economos, DDS, Opinion ContributorBig news!The residents of Shreveport, Louisiana just elected Tom Arceneaux, its first Republican mayor in thirty years, it...

Opinion: How the Left Uses “Climate Change” as a Political Weapon

By James P. Economos, DDS, Opinion Contributor As you know, Hurricane Ian leveled the Fort Myers, Florida area on Wednesday, Sept 28, 2022. It was...


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