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Di Leo: George Washington and the Electoral College

By John F. Di Leo -  Reflections on the anniversary of the first Electoral College balloting... On February 4, 1789, the Electoral College met and their...

Di Leo: Presidents, Numbers, and Statistics

By John F. Di Leo -  We are told that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, with 81 million votes to Donald Trump’s...

Di Leo: Harvesting the Cemetery Vote

By John F. Di Leo -  In September, October, and November, the dead voted.  This is stated as fact, by reporters and politicians, by attorneys and prosecutors. ...

Di Leo: Election 2020 and the Allocation of Votes

By John F. Di Leo - Even if you dislike the results, even if there was massive fraud in multiple states giving you good...

The Man Who Saved the Electoral College

Amid a large push to eliminate the Electoral College in the 1970s, one man stood in the way as a constitutional bulwark. Christopher DeMuth...

Skillicorn: Illinois should repeal their part in the National Popular Vote movement

EAST DUNDEE - Illinois Review's piece earlier this week on how an Illinois Republican state senator led the way in the national popular vote...

Di Leo: Constitution Day:  232 Years of the Framers’ Errors?

By John F. Di Leo -  Every September 17, we celebrate Constitution Day, the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution by the delegates who...


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