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Di Leo: Presidents, Numbers, and Statistics



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By John F. Di Leo - 

We are told that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, with 81 million votes to Donald Trump’s 74 million.

We can dismiss for the moment that it’s the electoral college that chooses the president, because the popular vote is still relevant; it’s just encapsulated, state by state, as it is traditionally the key driver for the state legislators who choose the electors.  So, yes, the popular votes do matter.

Let’s take a moment to look at these numbers.  81 million to 74 million.  Pretty impressive.  But numbers alone are meaningless in a vacuum.  Let’s look at them in context, shall we?

Here are the official numbers from 2016.  Donald Trump got 63 million votes, and Hillary Clinton got 66 million votes. That totals 129 million. There were several million more for third parties and independents (primarily Libertarian and Green), for a total reported vote count in 2016 of about 136,670,000 total votes.

Now, the estimated US population in 2016 was 323 million, and in 2020 the estimated US population is 330 million. These are very broad estimates, but they are calculated the same way, so to the extent that they're wrong, any errors would be proportionate. So… it should be fair to say that our population has probably increased by about 2%.

That’s an important number. Keep it in mind.  Our population went up by about 2 percent since last time.

If that's correct, then we might expect the increase in voters to be another 2.7 million or so, bringing us up to a total vote count of about 139,400,000. Let's call it 140 million or thereabouts.  We might fairly have expected 140 million votes in fall 2020, all things being equal.

Granted, all things are not equal.  Donald Trump is an incumbent… Joe Biden literally did not campaign… and COVID scared some people out of going out and voting.  While the use of mail-in ballots was broadened in many places (often illegally), the COVID fear should be expected to have depressed turnout generally, not increased it.  It would therefore be reasonable to assume that our total turnout this year would either be proportionally flat – let's say 140 million – or lower than usual.

In fact, it’s worth considering that shocking changes and shocking risks are usually what bring out high turnouts.  In 2016, Hillary Clinton was a known quantity, while Donald Trump was a relative unknown (from the perspective of politics, that is).  In 2020, Trump is now a known quantity, and he ran against a former Senator and Vice President, also a known quantity.  There was no comparable shock in this campaign; if anything, we would have expected the total turnout to fall a bit, not to rise.

For further comparisons… In 2012, there were about 66 million for Barack Obama and 61 million for Mitt Romney, out of about 129 million total.  In 2008, there were about 69 million for Obama to 60 million for John McCain, out of about 131 million total.

So now… what are we told was the voting breakdown in 2020?

Well, we haven't got full numbers yet, so we can't add in the few million we'd expect for Jo Jorgenson, Howie Hawkins, and other third party folks. But we are told that Trump got 74 million and Biden got 81 million.

They're telling us that Joe Biden, who literally did not campaign, got 16 million more votes than Hillary Clinton did.

They're telling us that the total voter count grew from under 137 million to over 155 million (probably more like 157 or 158 million when the 3rd parties are added).

In a time of a 2.7% population increase, we're supposed to believe that the voting participation pool rose by over 12% from the last election to this one…. An enormous jump over past averages.

It doesn’t take a doctorate in statistics to be able to tell that this is insane.

In all likelihood, well over ten million (maybe even over 20 million) Biden votes are fabricated in various ways… a mixture of Trump votes that were counted as Biden votes, genuine Biden ballots that were counted multiple times each, algorithm creations by hacked/programmable computer systems, and millions of totally fabricated ballots fed into the process by staffs of round-tablers and printers working around the clock to generate fake ballots in time to be counted.  And all this, in addition to the usual, ever-growing Democrat vote fraud that has plagued the country for generations.

There have been tons of evidence in recent weeks, presented both in courtrooms and state legislative hearings, detailing various types of fraud.  The mainstream media haven’t covered much of it, but it’s there for you to watch if you’re so inclined.

There can only be one conclusion.  Even if you don't believe every single charge, even if you think you can poke holes in a few of these allegations … you simply HAVE to admit that there is no way on earth that over 155 million legal votes were cast in this election.

It just doesn't make sense.

Copyright 2020 John F Di Leo

John F Di Leo is a Chicagoland-based transportation professional, writer and actor. He will next be seen on stage in the streaming production of the new comedy “Pillow Fight” on Saturday, December 5.   A collection of his many Illinois Review columns on vote fraud – real forms of election violations, creatively told from the vantage point of a fictional campaign volunteer – is available on Amazon as The Tales of Little Pavel.  If you don’t understand how many ways there are for crooked politicians to steal elections, this book might help, in an entertaining fashion.


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  1. AG Barr said “No widespread election fraud…” which is dissembling. To rig the election, you only need to concentrate on Democratic strongholds in swing states – Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Philadelphia to name a few. Forget about Stevens Point and the like.
    There are credible observations that the vote counting machines were rigged, but not well enough to counter Trump’s winning margins in the tens of thousands in these states. That took an all-nighter with stacks of blank ballots, copy machines, and make shift means to deliver them in the middle of the night, delivered in whatever containers were available – suitcases, cardboard boxes, even garbage containers (poetic).
    The ground work that made this possible was done be teams of lawyers suing to weaking voter registration and identification laws, starting in 2016.
    The price of winning at any cost is dear – everything we value.