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Di Leo: President Trump Is ‘Our Canary in the Coal Mine’

By John F. Di Leo -  Over a century ago, scientist John Scott Haldane, recognizing the danger of carbon monoxide in coal mines, introduced...

Di Leo: Eight Critical Steps to Restore the Republic

By John F. Di Leo -  It is expected – unless the vote fraud is even worse than usual this time – that the Republicans...

Di Leo: The Many Lies of a Dishonest Age

By John F. Di Leo -  The Second Amendment A former United States Senator and Vice President of the United States, currently pretending to the...

Di Leo: The Truth about Vote Fraud Finally Begins to Arise from the Mist

By John F. Di Leo - The state of Georgia made some news this week in the arena of election fraud, issuing a flurry...

Di Leo: Dismissing Vote Fraud as a Non-Issue is Getting Harder

By John F. Di Leo -  Depending on who you ask, vote fraud is dismissed as something that never happened, or used to happen...

Di Leo: Data & Guesswork… Campaigns and the Specter of Vote Fraud

by John F Di Leo -  On November 2, A.D. 2021, a red wave swept the nation, and the talking heads were bewildered. It’s certainly not...

Di Leo: Adam Kinzinger, a Stranger in our House

By John F. Di Leo -  US Rep Adam Kinzinger of Rockford, IL has again grabbed some undeserved attention, this time by throwing the Republican...


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