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Di Leo: President Trump Is ‘Our Canary in the Coal Mine’



By John F. Di Leo – 

Yellow CanaryOver a century ago, scientist John Scott Haldane, recognizing the danger of carbon monoxide in coal mines, introduced the use of pet canaries as an early warning system for miners.  The concept caught on quickly, and for three-quarters of a century, coal miners would come to trust their pet “canary in the coal mine” as their potential lifesaver: carbon monoxide would kill the bird first, giving the men time to escape the mine before the deadly gas could get them, too.

Former President Donald J. Trump is the Republican Party’s canary.

In the “pandemic year” of 2020, Democrat bureaucrats across the country took advantage of public fears of Covid-19 to scare millions of people out of the traditional American election practice: in person, at a polling place, where each voter could at least potentially undergo an identity check as protection against vote fraud.

In 2020, numerous state, county, and city governments authorized such corruptible concepts as mass mail-in ballots, unguarded non-mail public drop boxes, and virtually unlimited ballot harvesting.

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