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Di Leo: President Trump Is ‘Our Canary in the Coal Mine’

By John F. Di Leo -  Over a century ago, scientist John Scott Haldane, recognizing the danger of carbon monoxide in coal mines, introduced...

Di Leo: Adam Kinzinger, a Stranger in our House

By John F. Di Leo -  US Rep Adam Kinzinger of Rockford, IL has again grabbed some undeserved attention, this time by throwing the Republican...

Di Leo: Dear Lawmakers: An Open Plea for a New Beginning

By John F. Di Leo -  As federal and state governments begin their next terms, there may be a feeling of a new beginning, a...

Di Leo: Odd Votes, Odd Times and the Odds of Vote Fraud 

By John F. Di Leo -  Vote fraud was predicted before the 2020 election, so it certainly wasn’t a surprise to anyone.    In fact, vote fraud...

Di Leo: Early Voting and the Costs of Lessons Learned 

By John F. Di Leo -  Some of us have been warning you all about the many risks in “early voting” for quite a while......

Di Leo: Whose Year Is It?

By John F Di Leo -  “This is our year!” It’s a declaration of confidence, or of hope, or of determination.  A declaration known to...

Di Leo: A President, a Diagnosis, and Welcome Clarity at Election Time

By John F. Di Leo -  From the moment that President Trump was diagnosed with symptoms of the China virus, the punditry has declared that...


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