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Di Leo: Early Voting and the Costs of Lessons Learned 




By John F. Di Leo - 

Some of us have been warning you all about the many risks in “early voting” for quite a while… there is always more to learn about candidates, and, strangely enough, most of it hits during the month of October. 

Some of you, for example, voted early, for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris… before the most recent debate, before the huge revelations about Joe Biden's family and their corruption network, which has now proven to be so much bigger than most of us ever suspected. 

How many Americans voted for Biden, days or weeks ago, and are now kicking themselves for voting before all the information was in?

What have we learned in recent days, after the first 40 million Americans had already voted?

Well, we learned that Joe Biden intends to "transition America away from petrochemicals." It's not just that he wants to ban fracking, which releases oil and gas more efficiently than we ever could before, and has helped us become an energy-independent nation for the first time.   

Oh no, Joe Biden wants to ban oil completely. So, what if you work in that industry, or in one of the industries dependent on oil (which, frankly, is virtually all industries)? Oh, Joe doesn’t care about you. 


We learned that Joe Biden intends to complete the path to socialized medicine that Obamacare started. His plan is to apply even more force than Obamacare did, to push even more people into Medicare and Medicaid – the state and federal programs that bankrupt the medical profession, reducing the healthcare options to the public while ruining whole career paths for aspiring professionals. 

What if you're in that industry, or dependent upon it, and you're aware of how many clinics and hospitals Medicate and Medicaid have caused to fail? What if you recognize that healthcare was always both an honorable and lucrative career path, perhaps you were considering it yourself, and you now find that you must abandon the choice because of his policies?  Well, Joe doesn’t care about you. 


We learned that Joe Biden fully supports the Green New Deal – he doesn’t admit it out loud to a televised audience, but it’s been on his own website for months.  He believes in the hoax of “manmade global warming,” so he supports the entire crazy extremist, collectivist agenda of AOC, Kamala Harris, and the whole environmentalist Left.   

That means banning oil, banning cattle, banning coal, banning airplanes… it’s endless, really.  All human activity produces carbon, after all, so the quest for “zero emissions” is really a quest for an end to life on this planet.  So, what if you believe we deserve to enjoy the technology and convenience of modernity?  What if your job depends on them?  Sorry, you’re out of luck; Joe doesn’t care about you. 


We learned that the Biden/Harris team have gone all-in with the concept of court-packing… not just adding enough justices to the Supreme Court to render non-leftists a permanent minority, but totally redesigning the American judiciary. They have quietly released a commitment to their donor base, declaring their intent to redesign the lower federal courts, creating new opportunities to build whole unanimous panels of "judges" committed to their assertion that the Constitution is nothing but a museum artifact.

What if you believe in the American system of an independent judiciary?  What if you believe in the traditional American criminal justice system, assuming innocence until guilt is proven, with a judiciary that applies the law, but doesn't intrude on the legislature's role to make the law? Joe Biden thinks your ideas are outdated; he doesn't care about what you think.


We learned that Biden’s personal corruption was far worse than most of us ever dreamed… that the relatives and friends who have gotten rich in his orbit for years, selling access to a US Senator and then a US Vice President, had actually been kicking in a portion to him all along.  He gets them a foreign gig, he does them favors, and they kick in a share to The Big Guy. This is exactly the kind of public sector bribery that the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Anti-Bribery Law, and a host of other EU and foreign country anti-corruption laws were designed to combat.   

Over the past half century, a major goal of the Western nations has been to try to purge the third world of political corruption like this; by contrast, Joe Biden has brought it to America on a grand scale.  In the worldwide fight against political corruption, Joe Biden has demonstrated that he’s on corruption's side.


We all knew of the sleazy way that Kamala Harris started out in politics, and many have long suspected Joe Biden of sexual improprieties… we long suspected his son Hunter of them as well, but not until this week did we begin to learn the depths of depravity to which the Biden family descends. The revelations on the now-famous "laptop from Hell" – quickly corroborated by unimpeachable witnesses – have shocked even the most jaded Biden-watchers.   

There are likely to be yet more shoes to drop on this one.  But Joe Biden himself has never been prosecuted for it, so he sure doesn’t care about these laws either. Joe assumes laws are for the little people, not for him.


We learned that Joe Biden’s plans for the economy are worse than we expected.  He has promised massive, unaffordable tax increases, propelling our corporate tax rate well beyond our foreign competitors, erasing the Trump tax cuts completely, and opening up your retirement savings to taxation as well.  Between the millions of jobs his energy policy will destroy, and the millions of jobs his taxes will destroy, Americans won’t have much left in their pockets to tax, but he promises to go after whatever little is left, anyway. 

What if your business was closed by the illegal statewide Covid lockdowns? What if your retail career was destroyed by the mask mandates and wanton violence that have destroyed our big cities’ downtowns and emptied our shopping malls? What if you’re desperately in need of an economic revitalization to create new jobs for yourself and your family?  Sorry, but you’re not on Joe Biden’s radar either. He’ll just tell you to “learn to code,” like he famously snapped at coal miners in Pennsylvania recently.  Joe doesn’t care about you. 


This isn’t all completely new.  The American Right has known about much of this, though usually not the full extent of it, for years. That’s one of the key reasons why much of the Right never believed Joe Biden would be nominated in 2020 – knowing that Democrats knew even more about Biden than Republicans do, how could they possibly hitch their wagon to such a horse? 

 But they did, against all odds, and here we are in 2020, with the most publicly corrupt national candidate in American history running as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. It’s inconceivable, but it is happening. The Democrats’ allies in the mainstream media did their dirty work for them for years, keeping this information buried as long as they could, but the dam has finally burst; they can’t hide the truth anymore.  If you wondered why the Democrats have been pushing early voting so hard this year… now you know.  They knew what was coming.

And so, with every day remaining in the campaign, we learn even more about Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their entire corrupt, socialist candidate roster, from top to bottom… all of it damning.  

This is clearly not your grandfathers’ Democratic Party; they’re worse than ever, on every front.  And there’s still more to be revealed. 

#WalkAway, folks, just #WalkAway. 

And never vote early if you can possibly avoid it; there’s always more to learn, right up to Election Day.  Don’t do something you might regret. 

Copyright 2020 John F Di Leo  

John F Di Leo is a Chicagoland-based trade compliance trainer, writer and actor.  A former county chairman of the Milwaukee County Republican Party, his weekly columns have been run in Illinois Review since 2009.  His next role on the stage will be as R.K. Bigelow in a staged reading of Eileen Mitchell's brand new comedy, Pillow Fight, at Barrington’s White House on December 5. 

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  1. So where are we going with elections? Are we having “Election Month” as the new normal? I’m all for having a 2 day election on the 1st Saturday and Sunday of November. Possibly a one week mail-in period with post marks only on the 7 days prior to the 2 day election.
    The media is making a “BIG” case out of the massive number of early voter both mail-in and in person and how it excesses 2016. Hold the phone folks. In 2016 mail-ins were big in only a few DEM states and not all over the county. Overseas American could do mail-ins to include military. Early in-person voting was limited to a handful of categories including people working as election officers or people going out of state or country. Also no ballot harvesting. This time all voters can vote early, in person, for up to 3 weeks in some states. Here in VA locations are open for 6 hours a day, except Sunday and started on 14 November through 31 November. Soooooo ….. why is it a surprise early voting is so high?

  2. Anyone with half a brain could see Biden was an inept shadow candidate two weeks ago.
    Problem is: anyone stupid enough to vote for Biden two weeks ago would probably still be stupid enough to vote for him now.
    Some vote by habit or heritage, as “My family have ALWAYS been Democrats,” which frees them from having to do any thinking.
    Some vote by appearance only: “That nice grandfather, Mr. Biden, is so much more polite than that nasty Donald Trump!”
    But too many vote according to the views they absorb from the one-sided leftist major media goons without realizing the media is, of itself, a major part of the nation’s problems.