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Dr. James Dobson: The national election isn’t about you


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Dr. James Dobson

COLORADO SPRINGS – Dr. James Dobson, founder of Dr. James Dobson Family Institute and one of America's modern Christian Conservative movement's most revered elders, broke his silence on the upcoming election with an open letter to like-minded voters: 

With all respect, the national election isn’t about you. It certainly isn’t about me. It is about our kids and grandkids. It is about those who are yet to come, if they are allowed to live. This vote has awesome implications for future generations and the nation we love. It is about our Constitution and the immutable, God-given rights it protects. It is about values, and truth, and greatness, and hope. That is why the notion of choosing a president based on frivolous personality characteristics, such as style or rhetoric, misses the mark.

This election is for all the marbles… the next Chief Executive, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Supreme Court. Together, they set the agenda for this country.

If you love America and don’t want it to be “fundamentally transformed,” it is time to do three things:

1. Pray like never before that God will spare this great nation from tyranny and oppression of religious liberty.

2. Volunteer to help your candidates.

3. Vote for the candidates who will best uphold your values and convictions.

Dobson encourages like-minded voters to share his open letter with friends, family, and others whom the reader might influence.


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