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Rhoads: The Arrogance of Network News



Mainstream-mediaBy Mark Rhoads - 

Several network news sites, both cable and broadcast, state that Republican candidates have not won various races even though they lead in vote totals because the networks themselves have not "declared" them the winners.

Don't you understand?  Network news departments think they are in charge of declaring winners and not the county clerks, secretaries of state, or state boards of elections who officially tabulate results.

This arrogance is not new but it becomes more obnoxious in close races where networks ignore their own or official tabulations to cheer lead for their favorite Democratic candidate.


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  1. Its a tactic used to get weak-minded people to vote with the crowd. People with low self-esteem like to say they voted for the winner, it makes them feel better about themselves. The very reason the networks tried to make the voters think there was a blue wave by falsely declaring winners. The networks’ fake news was to get the weak-minded to follow the crowd. The network news LIES

  2. Live Free has it correct.
    It is known as “The Bandwagon Effect.”
    These people want to brag that they voted for the winner.
    If they are stupid enough to believe the networks after what we have seen this past year, they are stupid enough to believe anything…and to vote for anyone.
    But, then, we ARE talking about DEMOCRATS, right?