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Japan: America’s Neglected Ally?


America’s trade war with China and diplomatic engagement with North Korea have captured the headlines. But what of America’s stalwart ally Japan? Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had established the closest relationship with President Trump of any world leader. But Tokyo didn’t receive preferential treatment on tariffs and was surprised by the U.S. policy reversal on North Korea. Abe traveled to the U.S. to ensure Japanese priorities were addressed during the Trump-Kim summit.


  1. You wrote:
    “But Tokyo didn’t receive preferential treatment on tariffs…”
    Are you entirely out of your minds?
    Where were you in the 80s during the Reagan administration, when the Japanese Keiratsu (the equivalent of their National Chamber of Commerce) was fixing prices on every product that they were dumping into the USA?
    When the Japanese were dumping microchips into the US market – at below cost – to drive American producers of computer components, out of business?
    When Japanese motorcycle manufacturers were dumping Kawasakis Suzukis and Yamahas into the American market – at below cost – to try and drive Harley Davidson out of business? – and when President Reagan saw this, he finally had to personally intervene and say ENOUGH!
    And he slapped tariffs on the Japanese motorcycles and the Japanese microchips – so that some American firms could stay afloat and continue to employ American workers.
    The Japanese have been ongoing enemies of the American economy and American workers – and whomever wrote this idiotic screed for Illinois Review, must have been, either a ridiculously bad journalist, or a Japanese lobbyist.
    My God – free Japanese Keiratsu monopolists from US tariffs?
    Who, in Heaven’s name wrote this inanity?

  2. 24 hours later and the Illinois Review pro-Japanese lobbyist didn’t dare bother to rebut.
    But that is par for the course for paid Japanese operatives, and their sick Japanese culture.
    The Japanese are cowards. They have no sense whatever of Western culture – and they are anaethema to our people and to our Western culture.
    I know this, because my father fought in General MacArthur’s army against the Japanese Imperialists – and I worked for Asahi Shimbun – Tokyo’s #1 newspaper.
    I understand the Japanese mindset – and their language – as did General Macarthur.
    And any fool, who recommends favorable attitudes by the USA vis Japan – and favorable trade standings -has no understanding of the cultural differences – between our cultures and how the Japanese are the perpetual enemies of the USA.

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