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Monthly Archives: October, 2018


Pro-abortion Republican group raises $100k to defeat pro-life IL GOP lawmakers

CHICAGO - “It has never been clearer than now that the abortion industry is desperate to solidify its hold on Illinois. Abortion giants have...

Di Leo: Allocating Blame after Tree of Life Horror

By John F. Di Leo -  Who’s to blame? Every time there is a shooting, a bombing, any kind of mass killing, a heartbroken nation asks...

Leahy: Illinois Democrats excited about hiking taxes in wake of anticipated Blue Wave

Jake Leahy By Jake Leahy -  Will there be a Blue Wave? A Red Wave? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure, Speaker...

Thorner: Pre-election events point to possible Red Wave on Horizon

By Nancy Thorner -  Despite the heinous shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh, none of the Democrats are demanding more gun control, at least...

A Clash of Judicial Visions

What is the purpose of the Supreme Court? Conservatives and progressives have very different answers to that question, write John Yoo and James C....

Kushiner: Manly Codes of Conduct

By James M. Kushiner, The Fellowship of St. James -  Legend has it that radical feminists once proclaimed, "A woman needs a man like a...

Here’s How Much Red Tape Trump Has Cut

Rolling back the regulatory state. The Trump administration is reducing the economic burden of regulation, writes Diane Katz: The Trump administration on Wednesday reported $23...


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