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Nevins to IL GOP Leadership: Embrace party platform or step down


By Jennifer Nevins = 

On February 9th, the Illinois Republican Central Committee held an open-to the public meeting. If you are not aware of this, cut yourself some slack: most of the precinct committeemen I know were also unaware of it-which logically means that their committees weren’t aware of it either. Nevertheless, approximately sixty concerned observers attended the meeting; the public portion lasted three hours after which the committee adjourned to do their sausage making in private.

After a bit of jocular banter by Chairman Tim Schneider, a discussion ensued over precisely how much time to allot to non-member statements. In a move that illustrates the leadership’s reluctance to actually listen to its base, the committee members voted to allow sixty seconds per speaker and the microphone was passed around to those interested. Twelve individuals took the opportunity to speak their minds. I was one of them-and – owing to a kind soul who donated his moment in the sun- I took a little more than my allotment.

When one is thoroughly disgusted with just about everything their Party’s leadership has done both in this election cycle and in the one preceding it, cram jamming remarks into a sixty second box is nigh impossible. Of course, containing the outrage was the reason for the time restriction in the first place , and in IL GOP land, a minute beats a muzzle.

Two 2020 candidates, activists, and precinct committeemen voiced their hopes and their discontent. More than one audience speaker made the case for re-focusing efforts on minority outreach, and good examples were offered to buttress their points.

But here’s the thing. Calls for outreach to women, members of the LGBTQ community, and ethnic minorities are always interpreted by the leadership to mean that our platform needs to be modified or diluted to appeal to these groups. This is most true in the case of the ballyhooed “suburban woman voter”. This voting bloc comes up most frequently in the Peter Roskam and Randy Hultgren campaign post mortems . The ( big, honking) ) trouble is-both of Roskam and Hultgren’s opponents were radicals who both advocated-then and now-for unfettered abortion.

Precisely how do you appeal to women who vote for this type of candidate without watering down your pro-life platform? The short, yet complete answer is you don’t. Nonetheless, the musings about our pro-life plank and blaming of our President-both implied and overt-continues.

There is an irony here. The leadership wants us to move on from the past. And we do need to move on-from a segment of a demographic that will not vote for us unless we become that whom we are running against.

The truth is, there are other voter mines in which to dig—deep veins of gold and silver just waiting to be dug if we use the right tools. Minorities and white working class Americans can and often will be receptive to a political alternative if a better job is done of articulating a platform and why that platform will benefit them. What we say to the LGBTQ community shouldn’t differ all that much from what we say to an immigrant community, an African American community, a union worker community.

The problem is, it is to these groups that we aren’t saying much of anything. How hard is it to simply say that we want to prevent their jobs from leaving the state? That we respect their right to live their lives as they see fit? That we plan to keep their families safe with a strong military? That we want to safeguard their financial future by cutting taxes? That we stand for freedom – true freedom, not the restrictive, busy body socialist nonsense the Democrats pretend is freedom?

Chairman Schneider, tell me, which groups outside of the most progressive that won’t appeal to?

The leadership had better understand that voters for whom ideology trumps economic and national security Will. Not. Vote for our candidates. Chasing after these voters by creating distance from the leader of the Party and its solid platform does two things: it alienates the much needed base and it results in very few ideologue votes. Simply put, progs vote for other progs. That’s something that shouldn’t be so darned hard to understand. Sure- you may peel a few of those voters off-but the cost will vastly outweigh the benefit.

Frankly stated, if the party leadership is unwilling to fully embrace our existing platform while simultaneously articulating a clear message to traditionally Democrat groups, it must be replaced. Root to branch.

The time to decide is now.


  1. Excellent article Jennifer
    So I understand 12 minutes we’re allowed for 12 people to speak. I attend many public meetings like village boards and they give you 3-5 minutes. This is a first, 60 seconds.
    I was not invited but I knew about it. I understand why I was not invited because I’m not a “player” in the game, at least not a very good one. I am an interested party as you most of you from events I attend and projects I’m working on.
    My thoughts: I agree with Jennifer, we need to follow a pro family, pro life, pro conservative, pro 2nd amendment, pro fix the pension scam, less tax, pro Trump, pro America platform.,
    On a positive note, I feel there is large potential for growth in the Illinois GOP if we can get some leadership which as jennifer says might be NEW leadership,
    I wonder how many state central committee members will be joining me next week at CPAC 2019 in Washington DC, a leadership conference for conservatives. Last year zero state central committee members attended. Call me if you want more details.

  2. Yawn. I see these letters every month or two. Come 2022 the same people will be in charge and the same people will be screaming that Jeanne Ives should be in charge and everybody will be saying we have to get behind Dianne Rauner to get rid of the fat slob.

  3. Thank you Jennifer, this is exactly the conversation I had the other night with a fellow Republican who attended the event. We are losing out on young voters, immigrants and LGBT because we are sending the wrong message or we are not even offering a message on issues important to them. We are the party of exclusion right now and we need to change that fast. In addition we need to examine and find a way to support regional GOP heads and like Texas these heads should not hold seats on other public boards or county seats. They should have the time and energy to lead their committeemen and their County effectively. We need a new GOP. The fish rots from the head and Illinois smells.

  4. Chase: Rauner and company are done, he’s joining Mark Kirk in the history books and the legacy ain’t pretty.
    Face facts, Jeannie Ives is the leader of the Illinois GOP
    base. Other groups like the Illinois Conservative Union are taking the head too. Also keep an eye on the Chicago Young Republicans who have some exciting things happening soon.
    Article doesn’t mention it but Ives was given ten minutes to speak.
    Things are happening and i can’t say it all in 60 seconds.

  5. When I asked “Republican” Tim Schneider just how much he could help our (my) campaign against Cook County Commissioner John Daley (D E M O C R A T), he turned white, stuttered, and said “I have to work with John”.
    Excuse me while I skip the long story, including the late Judy Barr Topinka, Liz Gorman and her drunk husband, Jesse Reyes and some black guy surrounding me, jeering me, mocking me at a “Republican” meeting and then threatening to murder me for blowing the whistle, and let me cut to the chase: I know the Chicago Daley (Madigan-O’Connor-Burke)Political Mafia ; they run Sean Morrison and Tim Schneider and OUR republican ESTABLISHMENT. Is it really a surprise that Chicago – Illinois politics & government is UTTERLY corrupt!
    Mayor Daley is back in charge, and I am sad; and I apologize for not blowing the whistle louder as I am a Republican Committeeman. I could’ve done a better job.
    I do promise to keep FIGHTING to expose the Chicago Daley Organized Crime Family, but I need help.
    They will indeed have to kill me to shut me up, as I have a hunger for TRUTH,
    Carl Segvich – 11th Ward Committeeman, Chicago

  6. Jennifer is the real deal! She carries the heart of every true Republican in Illinois. For decades we’ve had fake republicans as politicians in Illinois. No standard bearer to represent conservative values, or even the planks of the Republican party. Is it any wonder Illinois is a sea of blue. Is it any wonder Rauner had Republicans over-ride his veto on the tax increase —- by Republicans no less! Having Rauner for a governor shows just how far the Illinois GOP has sunk into the muck and mire which is the Democrat party in Illinois. No wonder Jennifer was a strong supporter of Jeanne Ives in the primary, Jeanne also carried the values of a real Republican, which us voters in Illinois rarely see within the Illinois GOP.

  7. Thank you for speaking up Jennifer Nevins! I cannot quite seem to understand why some believe that abandoning the core principles of the party in order to attract “new blood” is a sound decision.
    Let’s face facts…rarely is there a politician or candidate for that fact, that an individual is going to agree with 100% of the time. I say we need to stick with the foundation:
    1)Smaller Government
    2)Low Taxes
    3)Personal Responsibility
    4)Upholding the Constitution

  8. I’m a woman in Roskam’s district. He didn’t lose because he’s pro-life. I’m friends with many women who voted for his opponent (YIKES). He lost because these women are frustrated with how Trump does things. They mostly support Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. But they’re concerned about the abrasive tone, accusations of racism, etc. It’s a difference really in style of leadership, not policy.

  9. Annie you are right on target!!!!
    I repeat, and I pray to God that people will start to listen, that Schneider and others including Morrison are not incompetent. They know about the base, sales, marketing, campaigning, messaging, they know about the constitution, ETC. They are not dumb, they are doing it intentionally. It is all about MONEY. They are a direct threat to our country, they are DOUBLE-AGENTS.
    I am here now 57 1/2 years in the inner city of Chicago. I know the political reality and the DALEY organized crime family, as they live down the street from me. Can anybody answer a question: Why do people in the suburbs and downstate Illinois, who know about Chicago corruption, KNOW that it is THIS serious, that we are INFILTRATED. It is all INTENTIONAL.
    Schneider, Morrison and virtually all of the establishment, are Democrats. They are not stupid.
    Bumper sticker “The Democratic Party establishment is run by Democrats. The Republican Party establishment is run by Democrats.”

  10. I hope that your statement “…we respect their right to live their lives as they see fit…” when applied to the LGBTQ community doesn’t mean we give up the fight against marriage equality. With Trump as president and Gorsuch and Kavanaugh as new supremes we must push hard to repeal the abominable Obergefell decision and then reintroduce the Federal Marriage Amendment and get it passed! Like our pro-life stance, true conservatives DO NOT compromise on marriage.

  11. Sarcasm. Of course the guy named Rauner is done. In 2022 they will recycle a clone of Rauner who is a lifelong Democrat and the Illinois GOP will rush to embrace him and you will say “Sure he’s never been with us before but I like the idea of low taxes so let’s get behind him”.
    Same song, different verse.

  12. I hope your statement “marriage equality” really means “fake marriage” because there is nothing about same sex couples getting together that can fit under the real definition of the word “marriage”.
    Try to stop using Cultural Marxist terminology.

  13. Republicans who become Dem-lite can’t win,. People who like Democrat policies will vote for the real thing. Growing a “bigger tent” with policies that kick the base out, can’t win. Republicans need to hold fast to our platform and explain WHY it will produce better results.

  14. Totally agree with Ms. Jennifer Nevins…thank God she is a true and genuine American woman in the finest sense.
    Tonight I attended a townhall meeting at McHenry County Community College conducted by new Democrat Congressman Sean Casten and Democrat Congresswoman Lauren Underwood. There were approximately 150 people in attendence and I would estimate that 90% of them were Democrats. They received a standing ovation when they went up on stage.
    The two overriding concerns that were discussed with the audience members dealt with health care issues and the climate change concerns. The biggest cheer of the night was with their support of the new pro-choice legislation that was being ennacted in various states. This topic was initiated and addressed very briefly by and audience member.
    The audience was very civil and there were no disturbances of any kind. Unfortunately, I was not selected to ask a question. I did get a chance to talk to both of them after the session was over and I was told I would be granted a half-hour audience with my new Congresswoman in the near future and contact information was exchanged.
    I look forward to meeting Democrat Congresswoman Lauren Underwood…because of a lack of competent Republican leaders in our state I am now forced to deal with Democrats with a sea of differences between us.
    Needless to say I’m sick of the self-interest Republican political hacks in our state.

  15. “The leadership had better understand that voters for whom ideology trumps economic and national security Will. Not. Vote for our candidates.” Right on. Republicans need to spend more time looking for a Republican voter not Democratic. Democrat or a leftist will not vote for us no matter what we do. Lets spend our resources more efficiently.

  16. I was at that meeting and Jennifer Nevins did a great job as did Jeanne Ives. I am new at this stuff but it sure appeared to me that the leadership in that meeting either has no clue on what is going on or they simply don’t care.
    Hearing those two ladies did give me hope for the future, a hope that I did not have going in to that meeting.
    I agree with the previous comments that Jennifer Nevins and Jeanne Ives are the true leaders of the party at this time. There are a few others out there that I feel are also doing what they can to make a difference as well.

  17. I cannot get over that Republican Party in Illinois have Central Committee…like… of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union? I wonder if they also have Political Bureau (Politburo). I would suggest to change the name “el quicko”. The mane fits Democratic Party, not Republican Party.

  18. We for sure can’t have term limits and must stick with
    the two party system that crowds out the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party, etc.
    The hand writing is on the wall!
    It’s amazing how the Party ‘Faithful’ keep beating the
    dead horse!

  19. Good afternoon and believe me I’ve been saying this for years. They are nothing but the Mafia. GOP leadership is nothing but RHINOS they the real Corrupt ones get re-elected only because they are the ones making sure Democratic leadership will be assured no viable Republican candidate will get any funding from the GOP. Republicans in Illinois are doomed by their own party leadership.

  20. This has been going on since at least the 30’s Carl. The machine is entrenched and it will take a lot to get it out. A friend (now in her 80’s) remembers growing up in Chicago where at election time, the R committeeman coming by hand in hand with the D committeeman who had a couple of dollars in his hand and instructions on how to vote for her R parents.

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