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How Sweden condemns Christians to their death


For many years, Swedish authorities have been deporting Christians to countries where Christians are persecuted and killed. Countries like Afghanistan, which Open Doors describes as the second most dangerous country for Christians in the world, second only to North Korea. This is an ongoing crisis: several Christians were deported from Sweden to Afghanistan just a few weeks ago, and more deportations are planned to take place soon.

Swedish authorities motivate these human rights abuses by claiming that the asylum seekers aren’t "real" Christians. I have previously written about the absurd questions they use in order to "discern" this, questions like "What does Matthew 10:34 say?" and "Can you describe the sacraments?"

I made a test that included these questions and let tens of thousands of Swedish Christians try it out. Only 300 people managed to get more than 60% correct answers.



  1. This horrific war against Christians is right here in our United States of America, mostly starting right here in Springfield Illinois with the Jews in the general assembly and the other liberals/communists in our general assembly.
    God help us defeat these communists!!!

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