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Who’s more liberal than The Squad? Check out IL 14th CD’s Lauren Underwood


MCHENRY CO – Trump won in the once-very conservative 14th CD in 2016, but the voters chose to oust conservative Congressman Randy Hultgren and push in Democrat political newbie Lauren Underwood.

It didn't make sense at the time. And now, it doesn't make sense even more.

Lauren Underwood is voting more liberal than Illinois Congress Democrat members like radical freshman Leftists Jesus Garcia (IL-4) and Sean Casten (IL-6).

(Ed.note: the UCLA rankings are for freshmen only – correction made above).

According to McHenry County Blog, which is doing an outstanding job reporting on the 14th CD race, the 14th CD is represented by a Congress member more liberal that all the members of the Democrats' Squad. 

More liberal than Congress members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Allya Pressley, Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib. 

More on the University of California LA Voteview rankings on McHenry County Blog. 


  1. There’s a good reason Hultgren lost: he got lazy and ignored his opponent until it was too late (cf. Phil Crane losing to Melissa Bean).
    Hultgren had a pile of money that he did not begin spending until he was behind. Underwood was on television and her lying ads were unrebutted.

  2. I’m with Nota Bene.
    I worked for Hultgren’s original election. At that time he PROMISED he would be only a two-termer.
    By the time he was running for what would have been his FOURTH term, he was as stale as last week’s bread, and had proven himself just as spineless, plus he had quit contacting his constituents.
    We gave up on him, but no Republican was willing to run against the combination of Hultgren’s House seniority plus the Illinois GOP’s financial resources to keep him in there.

  3. This district and the 6th might not even exist after next year. This state is very close to losing TWO house seats in the next apportionment. You can help make this happen IF you move by next April when they do the census. Don’t give your political power to this state for the next decade. Move BEFORE next April so you aren’t counted here.

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