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Pritzker ordered to appear before Clay County judge


CLAY COUNTY – Governor JB Pritzker was ordered to appear before a Clay County judge next Friday at 1:00 PM to explain why he "should not be held in indirect civil contempt."  Failure to appear in court may result in warrant for arrest, the order says.

State Rep. Darren Bailey (R-Xenia) complained to the Clay County judge that Governor Pritzker is ignoring the court's previous order and is exercising emergency powers concerning the COVID crisis extending beyond state law's 30-day provision for such powers. 

Bailey posted the order and the following comment Friday afternoon: 


  1. by all means, our governor should be held to an even higher standard as a leader,I sure hope all the people who voted this man in office after knowing some of his crooked ways (discovered before he won the place in office) see just what they got. Not to mention what they did to all the people who did not want him to get this position!!! although I do pray for him to turn away from his SINFUL ways and start to really think of what he is doing to his fellow man is COMMUNISTIC and against our very right to choose. The Bible says there is a time to be born and a time to die, well by wearing these masks is against our freedom to choose if I dont want to wear one I should not have too.As for Covid thats my right to die should it come to that but only GOD knows the number of days he has allotted each person and the masks are not good for us to be breathing in our own poison daily(NOT SAFE), and we should have the right to have jobs and make our own way in life, its not up to our government to decide it for us, so yes he has stepped way out of the area of his authority and just because he is an official so to speak he should pay for his crimes just like everybody else!!!!! We demand JUSTICE!!!!!

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