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Monthly Archives: January, 2022


Team Biden’s January 6 Coverup

Biden administration officials have refused to deny that the feds or their agents were part of the breaching of the Capitol on January 6,...

Zito: The Moment Joe Biden Finally Lost His Credibility

By Salena Zito -  If President Joe Biden’s disorderly and lethal Afghanistan withdrawal was the moment that fractured voters’ regard for him, then his...

Morgan’s mandatory vaccine registry bill sent to sub-committee

SPRINGFIELD - A bill pushed by Democrat State Rep. Bob Morgan (D-Highwood) to require a statewide vaccination registry has been pushed down to sub-committee...

Two Years Ago Today: First Illinois COVID 19 case reported

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) continues to urge people to get vaccinated and boosted as it marks the two-year anniversary...

Stossel: Evil Florida

By John Stossel -  Omicron spreads. The media say, “Governments must act!” Many have, bringing back mask mandates and closing schools. Do these rules work? No. Gov. Ron...

Beware, America’s Youth Is Embracing Authoritarianism

One of the more peculiar developments over the past few decades is the rather sudden transformation of America’s youth from independent-minded, anti-establishment, culture warriors...

Shapiro: The Quest to Destroy Work

By Ben Shapiro -  This week, after spending time vacationing in the disease-ridden hellscape known as Florida, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., came down with...


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