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Di Leo: Pharmaceutical Dos and Don’ts in the Age of Covid



AT Pharmaceutical Dos and Donts

By John F. Di Leo - 

I have a few medical questions…not for experts, just for regular folks like you and me.

  • Should you take antibiotics if you don't have a bacterial infection?
  • Should you take phenobarbital if you don't have a seizure disorder such as epilepsy?
  • Should you take nitroglycerin if you don't have some kind of heart trouble?
  • Should you undergo chemotherapy if you don't have cancer?

Most likely, we all have the same gut reaction to all of these questions: "Probably not.  In fact, very probably not."

This isn't to say there aren't other uses for each of these medicinal miracles, but they all have primary purposes.

Sometimes they are good for other purposes, too.  Some of our greatest discoveries have been when a drug developed for one purpose surprisingly turned out to have another benefit as well (famous examples include Cortisone, Rogaine, and Viagra).

More, in the American Thinker, here:


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