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Thorner: Are Democrats as Out of Touch as They Seem to Be?


Trump – Biden (NYTimes.com photo) 

By Nancy Thorner - 

The contrast between the Trump economy and Biden’s economy couldn't be starker.  Under Trump Inflation was low, wages were high, infant formula was on the grocery store shelves, and gas was cheap.

Bad economic policies from Congressional Democrats and President Biden have turned tough economic circumstances into an absolute disaster that many believe will manifest itself at the ballot box in November for Democrats.

Furthermore, regardless of what Secretary Yellen claims, this nation is heading toward a recession. The real question is not if it will happen but how severe it will be.

For many Republicans, it seems a given that there will be a red wave in the November mid-term elections.  Accordingly, the following article posted on July 3, 2022, from the Canadian Free Press by Stan McHugh caught my attention and also seemed important enough to pass along to IL Review readers for their evaluation: Democrats Out of Control? Not Very Likely 

What follows was excerpted and adapted from a full original report from Stan McHugh

Democrats Out of Control?  Not Very Likely

It might appear that the Democrats are currently out of control and will lose the November 2022 mid-term elections. That could well be the case, and hopefully so, but what if the Democrat’s current seemingly “weak and confused” position is all part of an extensive plan to retain both houses of congress in 2022 and lay the groundwork to “win” everything again in 2024? Are those who are actually running the Democrat Party that smart and that well organized? There are certain indications that such could well be the case.
It is clear that the Democrats had a plan for the 2020 election and one that they executed very successfully. They nominated Joe Biden knowing that he appeared as a weak candidate with little chance of beating President Trump. It’s obvious that even at the time of his nomination, they were well aware that Biden’s mental decline was already severe and only getting worse so they kept him hidden throughout almost all of the campaign. By running a weak candidate and keeping him hidden – they created Republican overconfidence, causing many not to bother voting. They made the theft of the election that much easier to accomplish. [..]

​During Trump’s presidency – by 2019 – the demand for people to fill jobs had increased to the point that the segment of our population that had been on “welfare” for almost three generations was finding jobs. This was the real threat to the Democrats, a significant number of them were finding that they preferred the self-esteem that came from holding a job to the lack of same that came from being on welfare. The Democrats need to control the people, so their solution was to intentionally damage the economy so those entry level jobs all but disappeared, putting the “welfare recipient” voter base back under Democrat control. [..]

What’s their plan for the next two and a half years?  I predict that Democrats will spend the next five months “distancing” themselves from Biden and “blaming him” for all the problems we're having, problems, of course, that they told him to cause.
They will pretend to be moving to the “Center” politically with the promise of “fixing problems that Biden caused” if they are allowed to retain the House and Senate in 2022.

If the Republicans allow themselves to become overconfident this November, during the following two years with Biden still “occupying” the White House and the Democrats holding both houses the Democrats will so advance their election fraud system that they will win the 2024 election no matter who they run for the presidency… more …

Final thoughts

Republican leaders and candidates can't permit themselves to become overconfident or cocky.

They and other influencers must articulate and present policies that benefit the job creator, the job seeker and the job holder. These include unleashing energy independence, lowering tax burdens, ending the regulatory assault on American businesses and workers, enforcing fair and reciprocal trade deals, and building supply chains that put Americans to work and put America first.

But there is good news about independent voters:

Only 18 percent of independents approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance, while 68 percent disapprove and 13 percent neither approve nor disapprove, according to the CIVIQS average as of July 3, 2022.

Independents have been viewed as an increasingly strong and influential voter bloc, especially in more recent years, indicating the president is in deep trouble only 126 days away from the midterm election.


  1. With an honest election, given the Biden polling, we would have a 2010 or 1994 type Republican landslide. But note how many polls have generic numbers with Democrats tied or even ahead of Republicans—impossible given other polling. This reminds me of the “Biden is winning Wisconsin by 15 points” in 2020—polls that helped hide wholesale fraud. To me, the 2022 election is how much the “Republican” party will fight the type of unbelievable fraud we got in 2020.
    We had three previous “Republican” presidential nominees in 2016 not endorse Trump. It would have been same number in 2020 if McCain hadn’t died. Kinzinger and Cheney are not alone—we have two former “Republican” Congressmen ready to endorse a litmus test Democrat for Pennsylvania Governor https://www.wfmz.com/news/area/lehighvalley/former-gop-congressmen-dent-greenwood-endorse-democrat-shapiro-for-governor/article_e62b3c06-fd38-11ec-bff0-0fa7d482d014.html#tncms-source=Homepage-Top-Stories
    The D.C Uniparty is still in charge of both parties until there is a wholesale clean out of the Republican party from committeeman on up. The first conservative to win the Republican nomination for Governor in my life time, Darren Bailey, is a good start, but only a start of what needs to be done here in Illinois. Everyone who endorsed and stood by obvious liberal Democrat Irvin needs to be tossed out of power, starting with “Republican” House Minority Leader Durkin. In the Internet age, nobody could claim they were fooled, certainly after a month after he announced and all the dirt oozed out. Here’s the list of the Republican traitors who did: https://capitolfax.com/2022/01/18/irvin-rolls-out-over-60-gop-endorsements/

  2. That is one of the best, historically accurate articles i have ever read. It describes exactly how the Democrats under Lying Lyndon Johnson got control of the lower casts voters in the cities, and how the Democrat Party is operating today.
    It had to come from Canada. We won’t see any article like this in the American press.

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