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Di Leo: Audits, Recounts, and the Secret Ballot


By John F. Di Leo – 

The Big Lie.   Just saying these words brings to mind a number of potential meanings, but in today’s America, the most common — and conflicting — uses of the term are the following:

The Left asserts that the very idea that fraud occurred in the 2020 election is a dangerous lie, while the Right insists that claiming the 2020 election was squeaky clean is the dangerous lie.

Which position is correct?  Was there massive fraud in 2020, enough to change not only the presidency, but also countless, (and close) down ballot races, or not?

It’s an important question, and the Left has issued a gag order, as if challenging election results is somehow new and evil. There’s probably never been an election year in which at least some races haven’t been subject to allegations of error or fraud. 2020 is the first time in American history that a conscious movement actually sprang up to silence calls for investigation and election integrity.

“You don’t need to change the way we vote,” they tell us. “If you don’t trust the result, just do a recount. Call for an audit, and discover the truth one way or the other.”  

Easy, right?   But it’s not so easy. Here’s why:

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  1. It is axiomatic that any opportunity for fraud will prove irresistible to one faction or another. Election fraud is particularly onerous, yet due to secrecy of the ballot, it is perfectly legal to destroy evidence thereof.
    The solution is to devise checks and balances in the election process, despite the fact that these efforts will be derided as “anti-democratic” and “voter suppression” by those who benefit from their absence.

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