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IFI: A Conversation With Dr. Carl Trueman


Written By Alyssa Josephs


IFI was honored to secure an interview with theologian, pastor, and author Dr. Carl Trueman earlier this year. In this interview with moderator Pastor Derek Buikema of Orland Park Christian Reformed Church, Dr. Trueman is asked a pressing question– “How did we get here?” Dr. Trueman tracks the intellectual genealogy of how the culture has come to the current position that it finds itself in. 

Dr. Trueman notes that over the past 200-400 years, authority has slowly been given to inner feelings, and he tracks this progressive thinking of expressive individualism back to 16th century philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Dr. Trueman gives insight into the secularization of Christianity in the West, the dangerous culture of expressive individualism, the importance of a Scriptural foundation, and the responsibility of Christians. 

The full 33 minute video interview can be viewed HERE. So sit back and enjoy this special production and then please consider sharing it with your friends.


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