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The 2022 Aftermath: Learning Lessons, Day by Day

By John F. Di LeoMaybe someone else remembers a midterm election like this one, Gentle Reader, but I sure don’t. We expected a red...

Di Leo: Misplaced Compassion Puts Lives in Jeopardy

A common charge in western republics has been the claim that conservatives insist on thinking rationally and have no compassion, while liberals make all...

Tillman: Four things “the right” should focus on leading up to 2024

John Tillman, Chairman and CEO of American Culture Project, wrote an op-ed for Fox News that lists four things he believes "the right" should do in the next two years before the presidential election in 2024...

Vargas: Time for Illinois’ failed political consultants to close up shop

By Mark Vargas, Editor at Large The Election Results are in, and I know many of you are disappointed - even depressed. It wasn’t just...

Di Leo: A Bigger Enemy than Democrat Money and the MSM

It is estimated that 100,000 people leave the state of Illinois every year. It is difficult to know exactly what this means, as people move in as well as move out, and many of the incoming are either legal immigrants or illegal aliens.

Di Leo: Language, Lies, and Election Fraud

Desperate Democrat candidates in Illinois (and I presume nationwide) have resorted to some particularly disturbing moves in recent years, and especially in the closing weeks of the campaign, in hopes of convincing their base to stick with them and some remote, gullible fraction of the middle to choose them as well.

Di Leo: But What Happens If We Win?

Throughout the autumn, as Election Day approached, many of us found ourselves asking the question: But what happens if we win?


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