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Di Leo: The Canadian Freedom Convoy Arrives in Ottawa

By John F. Di Leo - Thousands of trucks, thousands of cars, and thousands of pedestrians too, have descended upon downtown Ottawa, Ontario, the national...

Di Leo: Analogy Time with Johnny Dee:  Tollbooths, Syringes, and the U.S. Constitution

By John F. Di Leo -  Let's say I claim the right to collect tolls on the Brooklyn Bridge. (I need cash, you know, and...

Di Leo: Getting the Jab and Doing Your Job

By John F. Di Leo -  Joe Biden wants everyone to be vaccinated against the China Virus commonly known as Covid-19.  Whether that’s a good idea...

Di Leo: Illegal Mandates and the Abandonment of a Sacred Oath

By John F. Di Leo -  In just one week, four federal courts have said no, and the US Senate voted the same way. The...

Di Leo: Schooling, Safety, and Reality in the Age of Covid

By John F. Di Leo -  The Chicago Public Schools have been closed for about a year now, but they finally got a deal.  Wonder of...

Di Leo: Changing Times and the Right to be Left Alone

By John F. Di Leo -  The Question:  What is the US Government's key purpose?  The Answer:  To make sure we're left alone.  Now, it’s not only to leave us...

Di Leo: The Wuhan Flu and the Challenge of Economic Stimuli 

By John F Di Leo -  What should a proper Covid-19 stimulus bill look like?  Well, the one thing we know for sure is that the current one...


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