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Monday, December 11, 2023

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Di Leo: A President, a Diagnosis, and Welcome Clarity at Election Time

By John F. Di Leo -  From the moment that President Trump was diagnosed with symptoms of the China virus, the punditry has declared that...

Di Leo: Are we retreating from the US Constitution at breakneck speed?

Chicago's streets were empty Tuesday when they would normally be jammed - The National Desk By John F. Di Leo -   Cities, colleges, and school districts...

Di Leo: Thanks to COVID-19, American Left awakens to human life value

Recent Korean Wedding - from commisceo-global.com By John F Di Leo -  There are politicians, media figures, and pop-culture influencers, too, jumping on the coronavirus scare,...

Di Leo: Global Lessons from a Chinese Quarantine

By John F. Di Leo -  The horror in today‚Äôs news is the Coronavirus, an apparently highly-contagious illness that originated in Wuhan province, in...