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Opinion: The One Issue that Cannot Even Be Discussed

By John F. Di Leo, Opinion ContributorIt’s been two and a half years, and soon the 2024 presidential primary season will be upon us,...

Di Leo: The Truth about Vote Fraud Finally Begins to Arise from the Mist

By John F. Di Leo - The state of Georgia made some news this week in the arena of election fraud, issuing a flurry...

Di Leo: Data & Guesswork… Campaigns and the Specter of Vote Fraud

by John F Di Leo -  On November 2, A.D. 2021, a red wave swept the nation, and the talking heads were bewildered. It’s certainly not...

Di Leo: Harvesting the Cemetery Vote

By John F. Di Leo -  In September, October, and November, the dead voted.  This is stated as fact, by reporters and politicians, by attorneys and prosecutors. ...

Di Leo: Odd Votes, Odd Times and the Odds of Vote Fraud 

By John F. Di Leo -  Vote fraud was predicted before the 2020 election, so it certainly wasn’t a surprise to anyone.    In fact, vote fraud...

Di Leo: American Elections and the Ballot Generator System

By John F. Di Leo -  Despite having stuck themselves with a presidential nominee with boatloads of ethical, policy, and likely mental health problems,...

Di Leo: Another Election Year, Another Array of Election Abuses

Chicago Crusader photo By John F. Di Leo -  It is an election year, so the news concerns elections. But not just the candidates, the campaigns,...


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