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Foster: The Ninth Circuit’s Backward Reasoning

By Howard Foster -  A party asking a court for an injunction needs to show it will be “irreparably harmed” by the status quo. ...

Foster: Trump is a Brilliant Strategist

By Howard Foster -  I was not interested in Donald Trump when he began his campaign. I too thought he was nothing more than...

Foster: I Liked Trump’s Tough Sounding Speech

By Howard Foster -  I don’t like Donald Trump the man for all of the reasons everyone is aware of. But I liked his acceptance...

Foster: The Supreme Court Finally Limits “Standing”

There are dozens of federal and state laws providing for “damages” in the event of a violation. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is one...

Foster: The Hope and Danger of Cruz

By Howard Foster -  Republicans have been in charge of both Houses of Congress for a year. The results: more spending, debt and as...

Foster: Trump’s right. Time to hit the pause button on Muslim immigration

By Howard Foster -  There are about six million Muslims in the U.S. and they constitute an extremely disproportionate number of our domestic terrorists.  But...


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