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Di Leo: Pop tax repeal victory on Lake Michigan: No Tar and Feathers Needed

By John F. Di Leo -  Voters in Crook County, Illinois, among the highest-taxed jurisdictions in America, are celebrating a victory today. In November, 2016,...

Di Leo: One Day at the Checkout Line, in the Age of Preckwinkle

  By John Di Leo -  Like many Chicagoans, I live in one county and work in the next one. So, sometimes I do my shopping...

Di Leo: Dining in Cook County: Just a Sandwich Today

By John F. Di Leo -  On the way in to the office today, I made my first retail food purchase in Cook County...

Di Leo: Want A Drink, Friends?  Here’s the Last Straw.

By John F. Di Leo -  Reflections on doing business in Illinois in 2017… The pundit class, and our cousins in the political class as...

Di Leo: Cook County Residents Rejoice at a Deus Ex Machina

By John F. Di Leo -  Life in Chicagoland, and the unfulfilling refreshment of a temporary stay… For all we like to say about the...

Di Leo: Burdens of Taxation? Cook County’s new soda tax just a drop in the bucket

By John F. Di Leo -  On July 1 – barring a court order or a last minute act of legislative wisdom or fear...

Soda tax out of budget for now, but battle’s not over, tax group says

SPRINGFIELD - Tuesday, the Illinois Senate decided to amend Senate Bill 9 removing the proposed beverage tax from the Senate’s budget plan after consumers...


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