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Di Leo: From Minimum Wage to Maximum Damage

By John F. Di Leo -  The halls of Congress are ringing with the siren song of an increased minimum wage. Politicians who don’t have employees...

Di Leo: Living a May Day in a Shuttered World

By John F. Di Leo -  For centuries now, even millennia, May 1 has been a very big day. Ancient Romans, Etruscans, Greeks and Celts had...

With US GDP up, how’s Illinois doing?

Illinois' unemployment rate is at 4.3 percent, above the 4.0 national average, but there's good news as people are getting jobs in metropolitan areas and those opportunities move towards central and southern parts of the state.

Di Leo: The Democratic Party and the War on Work

By John F. Di Leo -  Reflections on Labor in America, on Labor Day Weekend The Friday that began Labor Day weekend, 2017, brought with it...

Di Leo: Health Care and Hotel Rooms

By John F. Di Leo -  Again the nation is divided on health care, just like seven years ago. Well, perhaps not “just like” seven years...

Di Leo: Citizens, Immigrants, and Illegals: A Long-Blind Nation Sees Clearly Again

By John F. Di Leo -  There are about 95 million people of working age in America who are outside the workforce, some willingly, most...

Di Leo: The Job Creation Machine of the Free World

Spare Parts Solutions crew in Rockford, IL - TMA Photo By John F. Di Leo -  We talk about unemployment numbers… so many statistics, so...


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