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U.S. Senate candidate attaches grass, leaves and bird droppings to petitions


SPRINGFIELD – In what is likely to be a first, the Illinois Board of Elections is going through nominating petition pages upon which Republican U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Diane Pahlke glued leaves, grass and bird droppings. 

Pahlke's reason for attaching these natural visual aids?

"The mud, grass & leaves & bird signatures represent the bad decisions that were made from developers & politicians that stole from our land":

Pahlke's attachments occupy several different pages of petitions, but included are page after page of petition signatures from which she omitted her own name as circulator, page numbers and the required documentation by a notary public. 

Pahlke explains in a handwritten note that she gathered the signatures – from persons in Wilmette to Wheaton to Kankakee and Chester, Illinois – by herself. The handwritten note was signed by a notary public.

Although several persons have viewed Pahlke's petitions, no objections have been filed. The objection deadline is December 7th at 5:00 PM. Barring objections being filed, Pahlke's petitions could place her on the March 15th, 2016 primary ballot.


  1. The note, its content and appearance, are more suggestive that it should have been filed under “Democratic Party.”
    Her petitions raise several questions:
    1) Did she learn such political tactics from Dorothy Tillman?
    2) Is she related to Suzanne Atanus, candidate for Congress on the Ninth District?
    3) Can she produce an elementary school diploma?
    4) Are the “bird droppings” from actual avian creatures or from birdbrains who may have signed her petitions?
    5) How strong were the fumes from the glue with which she appended items to her petitions?

  2. Well the political class has made a mockery of the American people for the last several decades – from promoting a globalist agenda to destroying our industrial base to running up huge budget deficits to letting our roads and bridges deteriorate to inflating away the value of the dollar to federalizing our schools and getting us involved in wars in the Middle East to embracing cultural Marxism. So if she uses this as a way to vent, so what!

  3. If you have ever dealt with the Illinois Election officials in Springfield (as I have) they will find these petitions perfectly acceptable, and will scrutinize the
    grass as “signatures,” and will allow her to be on the ballot.
    This observation may appear sarcastic, but I have protested obviously illegitimate signatures, and have been overruled by one of the personnel in that office.
    But seriously: Would we WANT anyone that childish to sit in ANY legislative body?

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