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Hultgren: Disappointed by President’s Veto on Obamacare [video]


WASHINGTON DC – Rep. Hultgren recorded a message on the way to the airport about the President's veto of the budget reconciliation bill repealing Obamacare.


  1. Representative Hultgren, I too am disappointed by the presidents veto of Obama Care, but I’m more disappointed in you, and your Republican majority, for giving the store away to this lame duck neophyte who didn’t expect to get a crumb of the billions you guys have wasted on give away programs, fraud, and abuse.
    You are my Congressman so I don’t want to seem personal, but this is personal to me being a veteran, and Congress not funding veterans benefits while you go out of your way to fund unlawful programs for illegal aliens, and Refugees, who really don’t belong in our country for national security reasons.
    What kind of idiots do you, and your cohorts, think that the average American voters are after we gave you the power, then you betrayed us?
    You seriously don’t think that we are going to vote you into office again do you? I don’t care how nice of a guy you seem to be, you can’t be trusted as far as I and other American voters are concerned. We have family’s to protect, and we can no longer trust you to protect our interest. You guys keep on forgetting that this is the peoples government, we are not an elitist oligarchy which more than a few of our representatives think that they are part of.
    They too will be the most disappointed, when the poop hits the fan, for you to sit there and act disappointed after you have had four years to vote Obama Care out is not saying too much this late in the game.
    If it’s any constellation, you not alone in your disappointment, the Republican betrayal has disappointed millions of voters so don’t feel disappointed when you are voted out of office.
    The entire Congress is a disappointment.

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