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IL Auditor General reportedly doled out $213k to Happy’s Super Service



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SPRING VALLEY – Happy's Super Service Station in Spring Valley, Illinois, provided a reported $213,338.31 in gas and vehicle repairs over 10 years to Illinois' new Auditor General Frank Mautino, which has drawn national attention in Forbes.com.

The hundreds of thousands of dollars Mautino spent at Happy's since 2005 averaged about $20,000 a year. That's either a whole lot of gas or Mautino's campaign vehicles are lemons – all of them.

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Mautino was a member of the House Speaker Mike Madigan's Democrat leadership, but now he is Illinois' new Auditor General – the person responsible for scouring Illinois' spending for any discrepancies.

Not only did longtime Democrats vote to promote their colleague to the Auditor General spot, so did Republicans – because their leadership pressured them to make Mautino's approval bi-partisan.

"Now, Frank Mautino faces scrutiny – not from political groups – but from citizen watchdogs," Adam Andrzejewski writes in Forbes.

"Yesterday, the noted downstate accountability group – the Edgar County Watchdogs – quantified $213,338.31 in campaign gas and vehicle repairs paid from Mautino’s political committee since 2005 into one hometown vendor: Happy’s Super Service Station in Spring Valley," Andrzejewski writes. "The 'gas' and 'gas and vehicle repairs' averaged $20,000 per year or roughly $55 per day over the last ten years and nine months.

Remember Aaron Schock and the questions raised about his campaign vehicle expenditures? Schock's no longer a congressman.

"How many brand-new cars with full warranties could Mautino have purchased with $213,338 in reported 'gas' and 'gas and vehicle repairs'?" Andrzejewski writes. "How many vehicle gas-tanks hold 79 gallons or how many times does an engine-transmission fail?"

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  1. The Illnois House Republicans who voted against against Mautino’s appointment were Steven Andersson (Geneva), Mark Batinick (Plainfield), Randy Frese (Quincy), Jeanne Ives (Wheaton), Sheri Jesiel (Gurnee), Margo McDermed (Mokena), Thomas Morrison (Palatine), Reginald Phillips (Charleston), Grant Wehrli (Naperville), Keith Wheeler (North Aurora),
    State Sen. James Oberweis (Sugar Grove), cast the lone “no” vote for Mautino during a morning meeting of the Legislative Audit Commission.

  2. What is the name of the owner of “Happy’s SUPER Service” in Spring Valley, Illinois? What are the names of the Republican elected officials that refused to vote for Frank Mautino despite being asked by Illinois Republican leadership to “go along to get along” with Mike Madigan and embrace Frank Mautino? Why not actually mention the name of the Illinois Republican leader that requested our duly elected Republican legislators to “go along with” the “anointment” of Frank Mautino to replace Holland? Unless the Illinois voters are actually given the names of the cast of characters in this future SNL skit, how can we vote them out of office at a later date? You need to start “naming names” for the Illinois voters if any good is to come out of this.

  3. If this was Mautino’s personal vehicle and he had the state pay for it…that is criminal, and we should demand the state’s attorney investigate. Having the repairs done by someone you trust and can do the work is wise, and not necessarily criminal.
    That being said Mautino has been complicit and voted for the debacle that is the state of Illinois finances, and that is criminal. If you or I spent like our representatives have in the past, we would have gone to jail.

  4. Happys has been in spring valley a long time . They have a good business and great service ! Idk why it matters that mautino paid them anything ? It’s a business ! Sincerely a satisfied customer and tell Forbes to keep its drama elsewhere

  5. Where was our Governor Bruce Rauner on this? As the leader of the Illinois Republican Party you would think that Rauner “should” have been all over the Republican leadership (aka. Rhino in charge) in the House for trying to persuade Republican representatives to “go along to get along” with Mike Madigan. Rauner should be looking for a “NEW” GOP House leader if he really wants to change the status quo in Springfield. Kudos to those stalwart Republican state representatives for thumbing their nose at their own GOP House leader. And State Senator Jim Oberweis also has my respect and my support in the future. Thank you for helping to “root out another Rhino” for the rest of the GOP voters.

  6. Thank you Mr. Ronkowski for making me and others aware of those who had the courage to stand up for what they believe in. It took courage for them to say, “NO!” to their Illinois House Leader. I am disappointed in our top GOP leader Rauner for not speaking out and standing by these brave GOP representatives. It would seem that maybe it is time for a new Illinois House leader.

  7. This has nothing to do with service or gas. I’m guessing it woul be nearly impossible to have service and gas add up th a nice even $5,000 per month. Maybe he missed the “how not to get caught” sessions for house members.

  8. It does not matter Republican or Democrat term limits need to be in place. Two terms your DONE. I live in Mautino’s district he never impressed me. Another Chicago brotherhood as far as I am concerned. Both Madigan and Cullerton have to go. Thanks to these 2 the state is in the condition it is. The state pension funds are their problem they caused it by not making the required payments due. If any taxpayer did this it would be fraud and their butt would be in jail. Wake up Illinois!