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Trump likely to be next party nominee, 74% of likely GOP voters say



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PRINCETON – Belief among Republicans that Donald Trump will be the next GOP presidential nominee now ties its highest level ever, and among all likely voters, more than ever agree.

The first Rasmussen Reports Trump Change national telephone survey of the new year finds that 74% of Likely Republican Voters think the billionaire businessman is likely to be their nominee in 2016, with 31% who say it is Very Likely. Just 23% disagree, and that includes only 11% who say it is Not At All Likely.

Among all likely voters, 61% now say Trump is likely to be the official Republican presidential candidate, with 24% who think it is Very Likely.

Trump was on these new numbers immediately Friday afternoon, writing on Facebook, "This will only happen if all of my great supporters vote. Make sure you are registered to vote in your upcoming primary so that we can Make America Great Again!"



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  1. I say this is a misleading poll. I asked a handful of people all said Trump will NOT be the nominee. These are all likely republican primary voters in my mini poll.
    With cell phones, the landline polls not accurate. I know about zero percent of people under 30 have a landline.
    Also, this story only has six Facebook likes which means Illinois Review readers DON’T LIKE it. At this point I believe Ted Cruz will be nominee, or possibly Rubio.

  2. The only real “Poll” that counts is the final one, the Election itself.
    All the rest are manipulated by who the pollster asks, where he asks, when he asks, and how he asks the questions to get the result the pollster wants.
    Trump or Cruz; I will be satisfied with either one.