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Ben Carson determined to stay in presidential race




LAS VEGAS – Ben Carson came in fourth in Tuesday night's Nevada GOP caucuses, following Donald Trump who placed first with 45.9% of the vote, Marco Rubio second with 23.9% and Ted Cruz third with 21.4%.  Carson pulled in 4.8% of Nevada Republicans' support.

While many are urging GOP candidates to drop their names from the ballot in order to challenge Donald Trump's vote train barreling through the states, Carson told supporters that his campaign remained "undaunted," and that he plans to stay in the race.

“I want to thank my many supporters and volunteers in Nevada and across the country,” Dr. Carson added. “While professional politicians have long written off our efforts to return the government to the people, we remain undaunted. We’ve barely finished the first inning, and there’s a lot of game left. I look forward to the debate in Houston this Thursday and then on to Super Tuesday, sharing my message to 'Heal, Inspire, and Revive' this great nation. As more Americans have their say, they will see the true strength of our movement.”

Carson has a full slate of delegates on Illinois GOP Primary ballot – what pundits are now calling "Super-Duper" Tuesday. All primaries held on March 15th and after will be winner-takes-all delegate races.


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  1. Dr. Carson seems like a nice man but one also starts to suspect he is delusional. First, he thinks he is qualified to be President in spite of never having held any office and never having had any public policy experience. Second, he thinks if he can only keep his vanity campaign on life support, there is some miracle path to the nomination. He says God told him to run so maybe he should listen to God’s voice again.

  2. Lee: Carson and Trump are not running for state legislature they are running for the highest office in the country with no experience and yes that disqualifies them both. It would be idiotic for someone with no experience or medical training to walk into Carson’s operating room to perform a surgery and yet he thinks he is qualified to be president! He is a vain and delusional man no matter how nice he seems. Trump is a very dangerous demagogue who is pretending to be a conservative.

  3. He had a great opportunity to tell Donald Trump that yes, God can change you. But he backed off rather than witness for his faith when called a pathological liar and like a child molester by Trump. Given his grossly mismanaged campaign and the dubious people in it, there is no doubt in my mind he was put in the race to wreck Cruz, just like Huckabee. Unfortunately, it has worked up to now. He is in it until he can’t fool the people to vote for him instead of Cruz. That’s at least until the winner take all states on March 15th.

  4. It’s actually the definition of insanity to continue doing the same thing and then expecting different results. We’ve elected professional politicians for so long and the results have been dismal. It’s time we tried something else. Most representatives, Senators and other office holders back in the 1800s were citizens with jobs first and then came their political office. Congress was usually only in session a few months and then they went back to their businesses and law practices or farms. Now, just because Leviathan exists we have to elect those who allegedly know how to manage the beast? No, it’s time for a different approach. And the people, those whose votes actually matter, see this and want this, no matter how much the political class foams at the mouth.